Of Course You’re the Reason Your Child has Diabetes………So What??????

it's youHow many times have you asked yourself if you are the reason your child has diabetes?  I’m here today to tell you two things, one: you are the reason; two; there is nothing anyone could have done anything about stopping it.

Now that I have sent you into a tail-spin of panic and utter guilt; let me add that you are also the reason that your child has the color hair they have, the color eyes they have, the pigment of skin they have and also just about any other trait that they have; is all due to you and your partner who created your child.


Everything we are, is a make up of genetics.  A lineage that goes back further than you will ever be able to trace.  Somewhere in there is everything your child is; as everything you are as well.  Genetics.

Until such time that a definitive trigger can be found, give yourself a break.  There is nothing that anyone could do about your child having diabetes.  If you do not feel guilty about the color hair you gave your child…….cut yourself some slack about the guilt you feel toward the diagnosis of diabetes.  There was not a thing in the world you could have done differently to give you a different result……..nothing.

Relax…….and notice the word ‘FAULT’ is not used in this article anywhere.  You may be the reason, but it most certainly is not your fault.

There are many other aspects that demand your attention and are worthy of your tears……guilt should not be one of them.

I am a diabetes dad.

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