WARNING: Be Smart When You Check Blood Sugar in Your Car.

car street lightSomeone recently responded to an article about her daughter who worked in a retail store and checked her blood sugar in her car before she left to drive home.  It was late.  It was dark.  She was a bit low, ate something, and had to wait until her blood sugar numbers rose.

It made me think of something that I’ve never seen addressed before but should be……and if someone else saw some advice about this; surely feel free to share.

If you’re leaving FROM some place; it might make sense to check your blood sugar before you venture out to the car.  I get it, it makes sense to check right before you start the car; but you also must ask yourself, where is my car?  If it’s in a desolate place, a  dark street or parking lot; it’s probably not a place you want to be seen sitting alone—–especially women.

Very simple article today; just think about where you’re parked and when is the best time to check your blood sugar.  If you’re a parent, share this tidbit with your child and if they are too young now, remember it for when they’re older. It might be better to check glucose numbers in the confines of the office, your place of business, or someplace a bit safer than sitting alone in the car.

Diabetes is enough to worry about…….do not place yourself in the attention of some idiot who thinks it may be an opportunity to do something stupid.  Be safe and think before you get to your car.

I am a diabetes dad.

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