A Letter to My Children with Diabetes…….Feel Free to Use it Too.

letter penFeel free to copy, paste, make your own, and leave it where you child(ren) will see it.

My dear children,

If I have not told you lately, you are my heroes.  I know, I know…….I do that parenting thing too much which embarrasses you at times and annoys you at others.  But what you accomplish everyday handling diabetes, well that is pretty special.  You both handle it so differently and yet, your results are usually what you want.  You both LIVE so much and offer so much, I’m a very proud dad.

I just wanted you to know that ‘checking’ your blood sugar is not anything I really want for me.  I know it doesn’t seem like that because I’m such a pain in the ‘butt’ about checking so often.  Please understand that the best way you can feel good is to know where you stand.  Going too low or too high, in many cases, can be avoided before you get to the point where being high or being low can impact your day.

You know a million times more than I what a real high or low feels like.  I just want you to feel good and go about your day.  You know there is a silly saying that reads ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’.   Meaning to take care of something when it is a ‘little something’ BEFORE it becomes a bigger problem.  That is my only goal when I hound you to check.


To better go through work, school, fun, drive your car, and to just have a better day over all.  I don’t ask you to check; for me………I ask you to check because I care and I want you to have as great-a-day as possible.   I know ‘I get on you’ too much sometimes and I just wanted you to know that I ONLY do it so your day is a little bit better.

Check, adjust (if needed), move on.

Nothing makes me happier than when you are living this life to the fullest which has so much to give.  You are GREAT at what you do everyday……I want what is best for you and I wanted to tell you.

I love you.

I am a diabetes dad.

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