Ryan reed wins In a stunning move during the last lap, 21-year-old Ryan Reed, a person with diabetes, took the lead and kept it to cross the checkered flag at the Daytona 300 Xfinity Nationwide Series late today.  In a race that had many collisions including one that landed Kyle Busch into the hospital with a leg injury after a crash; Mr. Reed survived all and became the victor in today’s race.

That is correct; you see the name Lilly on the hood of that car speeding to victory.  Ryan and the folks at Lilly, have been working together for some time inspiring so many others who have diabetes, that they can do anything.  Dexcom is a partner with Ryan as well.

And now Ryan’s message will change from you can even race at Daytona with diabetes to: You can WIN AT DAYTONA WITH DIABETES.

Ryan ReedI have been with Ryan quite a few times and he is one incredible role model; he works hard and now he can savor in victory.  CONGRATULATIONS RYAN, LILLY, AND ALL INVOLVED….TAKE THAT diabetes…..indeed.

I am a diabetes dad.

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