Friday the 13th & Diabetes Luck: Are You Waiting or Making Your Own?????

MirrorBlack cats, broken mirrors, lucky rabbit’s foot and many other artifacts are needed on this day of Friday the 13th according to folklore.  The date, to which some attribute the 13 who gathered for the last supper on the Thursday before what led to what the Catholics call ‘Good Friday’; when Jesus was crucified….so when 13 lands on a Friday; well bad luck is promised on that day.  There are other ‘reasons’ out there also. The ‘professional’ name given to those who possess a real fear of ’13’ is called, triskaidekaphobia.

Not all fear Friday the 13th….in Italy, for example, it is the 17th.  I imagine Friday the 13th movie series left a lot of people in Italy scratching their heads.

I have never been one to believe in luck.  Never did.  When one does not believe in luck, one does not believe in bad luck either.  A rough patch? Sure.  Good things happening? Absolutely.  But I have never been a big fan on giving credit to an entity that I cannot control, nor can I prevent.

I have stated before, the harder one works; the luckier one becomes.  I had a wonderful Theatre Teacher years ago; his name was Jere Admire.  Jere was a wonderful actor who appeared on Broadway and was an excellent educator.  He said to me once; “You have a choice, you can be one who sweeps the stage or you can be Barbara Streisand—but in between is a million other slots where you could land.  It’s your choice.”

His point was that if you stayed at something long enough and worked hard enough and did WHATEVER whatever was to get there……you WOULD get there.  There may be a price you pay, there may be things you may want that you would have to sacrifice but the more you work at something (and here’s the catch) and the more you work at creating other opportunities—you will create a pathway to get you where you want to be.  Jere closed with; “If you find you are missing something, go back to school, class, dance class, singing lessons—whatever it takes and fill in the gaps.”

It’s sort of a hard pill to swallow but if you talk to people who work at it; they will tell you that it was ‘effort that got them there’.  Long before Deborah Gibson was Debbie Gibson, there was a circle of us who were quite close to her.  Deborah was always an amazing talent, but it was sending her music to radio stations and many of us calling and calling to get them to play the songs that put Deborah on the map way back when.  The efforts of her family to get Deborah known was tireless.  Now make no mistake about it, the woman is a fierce talent and my point is simply; she did not sit around and wait for lightning; she went out and ‘made her own luck’.

No one just has ‘all of the luck’ when it comes to the care of their child and the new norm of diabetes.  No one just has ‘all of the luck’ as they manage their diabetes.  No one ‘just’ becomes an expert.  Anything that ‘moves forward’ does so because of the work put into it.  I cannot define what ‘a lot’ of work means.  That’s up to you.  But any athlete will tell you that when they gave it their all, and had no more to give—–they found a way to give even more to obtain their goal.

Are you waiting for lightening to strike, or are you out there giving it your all?  When it comes to diabetes and living life to the fullest; the work you put into it is the result that will come out of it with few exceptions.  Where are you?  Are you there, or do you need to fill in the gaps.  Food for thought.  Happy Friday the 13th and GOOD luck.  🙂

I am a diabetes dad.

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