Bad Day….Does NOT Make a Bad Life…….BUT…..It’s Your Call!!!!

bad dayThis week represents what one could call a really horrible anniversary week.  Stick with me on this, it’s not my attempt to write a really depressing article…..those who know me, know that is not my style.

On this day six years ago, my dad passed away.  The day before, my aunt passed away; and because both families were going through the preparation, we each were unable to see each other at a time we needed to.  Four days later, six years ago, my youngest of three would also become the second child diagnosed in our house with type 1 diabetes.

When people tell me that they had a flat tire and a cold in a week’s span, as they share their horrible week, I just smile because I remember six years ago.  This week is also
St. Patrick’s Day; being half Irish, it’s usually a big day.  I love the parades, the music, and the entire celebration.

Sorrow.  Celebration.  Surely those terms describe what is just…………life.  No one has the corner on the market of sorrow; and no one has a corner on a life that is only care-free.  It is life.


I believe sorrow serves as a reminder of just how special life is.  We cannot control much of what happens to us, but we can surely do something with what comes our way.  Take it, grow, learn, and move on.  Easier said than done I know.  But if we do not work toward recovering from the bad life sends us, we will never find the time to appreciate the so much that is good.   And there is a lot of good.

I don’t think I am the only one who feels a sense of pride when a mom boasts about her child who; scored a goal, made the team, scored high on a test, made it into college, signed a letter of intent, got married, had a baby, and did anything that was worth the time to stop and say; THIS DAY is a good day.

So continue to look for those ‘good days’ and feel free to boast about them when appropriated and enjoyed when most needed.  You cannot do anything about what life throws at you but you can do a lot about what you do with it.  Hold on to the good and celebrate it… may not always be good but there surely is a lot of good in our life.  So enjoy it when you can……………………….while it lasts.  LIVE!!!!

I am a diabetes dad.

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Hey Tom, nice inspirational post about accepting the bad, but moving on with a “good” life. We can’t escape sorrow and it does, as you say, “serves as a reminder of just how special life is.” Amen!

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