A Horrifying World We Now Live??……..Or……An Opportunity…….Your Call!!!!!

MailboxI saw the picture I have attached today and immediately became horrified.  I saw it recently in New York City, it was done to mailboxes along the route of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City; the BEST Irish parade in the United States, although my dear friend Patti from Chicago would vehemently disagree, as would my friends from Boston.

The ‘locks’ are for but one reason, so people (well idiots actually) do not have the opportunity to implant explosive devices within the mailbox to detonate via a timer or cell phone causing extreme pain, suffering, and damage at an ‘opportune’ moment during the festivities of the parade.  It our world today.

The mailboxes, actually, used to be physically removed before someone thought up this creative way of keeping us all safe.  As I stated, when I first saw this, I was sickened that this was the society we have become…….and I kept thinking about it for an entire day.  My sickening feeling started to go away as I started to look at this from a different angle.  Something hugely creative was done to solve a problem.  The problem was/is horrible but this resolution gave me pause to think about how ‘bad things’ have caused ideas to be created, invented, and implemented that never would have happened otherwise.

Remember the ban on stem cell development (I know this is a touchy subject for some but just listen to my point), well when scientists ‘could not’ get what they wanted along these lines, they created new research venues and avenues never thought of before, because they HAD to or the work would stop.  How any people impacted with diabetes are in a field that will help others.  So many writers, tech people, researchers, medical professionals and more having diabetes now in a diabetes field dealing with others who have diabetes.

Devices are created because someone said; ‘just shots’ won’t do!  Research happens because someone says, “…..restoring insulin production should be possible.”  Organization are, and have been, founded because someone said, “…we can do more”.

Out of the storm comes a ray of light and there are many rays of light out there.  So remember, in the world we live in; you can look at a locked mailbox and think how sad the world is in which we now live, or you can see the locked mailbox and think, “Wow, someone is really smart in keeping our world a bit safer.”  It’s all in the approach.  And it is all up to you.   Food for thought.

I am a diabetes dad.

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