Do You Have a DiabeTattoo??..Be Part of the DiabeTattoo Museum at Healthline.

Diabetes-TattooDiabeTattoos are showing up everywhere.  Body art, as popular as it has become, has feverishly infiltrated the world of diabetes.  Our friends over at are creating a place for DiabeTattoos to be seen collectively, A DiabeTattoo Museum as it were.  Take a look at their slide show at: .

But wait…..they are nowhere near done yet.  They want more.  If you have a DiabeTatto, share it with the world and be part if this very unique collection.  Just take a picture of your DiabeTattoo and send it to my friend Nicole at at

So if you are making a diabetes statement, presenting a diabetes fact, created a memorial, did it in honor of a child….whatever…MAKE SURE YOU ARE INCLUDED.

Here is a cool story we did at dLife about the one and only (click) Darren Brass, Mr. Miami Ink at the time we created it. 

So send your DiabeTattoo to Nicole and she will include your submission for all to see.  Inspire others with what you have created and share this article so others can be included in the DiabeTattoo Museum at

I am a diabetes dad.

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