Because “My Doctor Said It”…….Fact?……Not Always.

skyWe challenge our colleagues, our partners, our kids and even the mechanic that works on our car.  We challenge them at what they know, and what we want them to know, and yet, I’ll ask a mom in mere conversation why she uses a certain glucometer and she will answer because our doctor said we can only use one of two glucometers to participate in their practice. Even if they hate the meter, they have to use one of two choices.



No is the answer.  No one should tell you what is right for you, your family, and your child with diabetes.    No one.

We are ready to fight the insurance company at any given angle if it does not do something we need them to do and yet, sometimes, we take in blind faith ANYthing our medical team states.   Doctor, CDE, PA, are all incredibly gifted at what they do.  They went through an enormous amount of training to be where they are in their practice.  They have worked hard at what they know.  We need them to absolutely no end.

But guess what…….when it comes to yourself, or your child; so have you.

I’m not here to tell you that the advice and treatment you receive from your medical team is wrong, but I AM SAYING that when you hear something that you KNOW will not fly with your child……speak up. NO ONE HAS to be on the pump.  NO ONE HAS to choose between just two meters.  NO ONE HAS to be chastised for an A1C that is not to the liking.  NO ONE HAS to do anything.  If you know deep in your heart…..speak up.

Sometimes the doctor needs to get stern with an uncooperative teen; THAT is not what I am talking about here.  I am talking about the fact that your medical team is part of a large practice and they use BEST PRACTICES for their patients and it serves them well.  But sometimes the request is just out of the realm of what YOU KNOW DEEP IN YOU HEART; what ever it is……do not just nod your head; speak up.

My goodness, if you say we need a Republican President there would be no shortage on words from one side, and if one states that Obama is the best president in the last 25 years, there would be no shortage of words on the other side but when the doctor says XYZ, and we know, KNOW, K-N-O-W it should be ABC with our child…………………..we say nothing.  Why?

You leave the office feeling depressed and angry that you kept your mouth closed and YOU WANTED TO SAY SOMETHING.  But you did not.

That is my only point for today.  God bless our medical team, but they do not know everything and they surely do not know your child as well as you…….so speak up.  Discuss what you think, and come to a resolve.  Make sure you have the knowledge to discuss whatever point you are making.

What have you had to ‘speak up’ about with your medical team……please share with others.

No two treatments of diabetes are identical.  KNOW what you know….and speak up when needed.   Silence isn’t golden in this case………Silence needs to be broken.

I am a diabetes dad.

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