Diabetes…Why Did It HAPPEN THAT WAY Today?—Sucks, Don’t It????

Sucks, seriously it sucksHow many times have we asked ourselves ‘why’ something happens when it comes to our child’s blood glucose numbers.  I always loved that question, as if it really has a logical answer?  Let’s equal the playing field here, I am not speaking about the instances when a number is easily explained, of course that is——easy.  I’m speaking about the times when a sudden drop, a low won’t go away, a high won’t come down or a list of other things happen that make us ask, “why”?  It sucks, no seriously—it just does!

When you see a reading and you take all of the steps that you know relates to your child and what to do; you need to ride the wave.  Keep dealing with it until you are back on a ‘comfortable’ roadway again.

Know what your child is going through may have nothing, or little, in common with what someone else is going through.  Running in a panic and asking strangers that have no idea who your child is what is wrong, is a practice of which, you should be very careful.  Certainly ask and get ideas but KNOW THAT someone else’s situation may have little  to do with your situation.

That is diabetes.  I loved the movie Frozen because knowing that diabetes played a role in defining Elsa according to the author relating to his son’s struggles with Type 1, reminded my of what I have said about diabetes for years—it is The Snowflake disease, and I have written about THAT before.  Not the same in any two people and not the same from one day to the next….THAT’s diabetes.  Snowflake.

So the next time you are ‘at wits end’ and you have done everything you can, asked every question possible, and still are in the midst of what seems to be a never-ending battle; know that you must just treat the situation as it comes and ride it out.  You did not do anything wrong and it will happen again.

Those of us who have been around a while do not call it the ‘new normal’ for no reason.  It defies everything at times…….and when through it all……pour yourself a tall drink….you deserve it….on this day you won.  But as you will find out, don’t get too comfortable; tomorrow happens at sunrise (unless of course you have been up all night dealing with a glycemic reaction).

I am a diabetes dad.

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