Is Life REALLY as ‘CRUMPLED’ as ALL That?

LifeTwo incidences have happened that have caused me to write today’s article.  One is to share that I know two families who have come to know each other only through the deaths of their sons.  Side-by-side pictures, you would swear they were brothers.  Yes, both died of complications of T1 diabetes and both families are extremely active in both diabetes causes (through rides, advocacy and more) and life itself.  It is easy for one to ask; how?  I have come to admire them beyond words.

The second incident is a comment a friend made about having to take a subway and how he longs to be able to have the kind of wealth where he could be driven everywhere.  He is currently in one of Broadway’s biggest shows, and has much going for him.  My guess is that he will one day see his dream come true regarding the subway rides.

Now if my friend, with everything he has, knew my two families….he would understand fully that he has more wealth then he could ever imagine…….and I think some people need to take an inventory on their life, and realize what they have and not how unfair life has been to them. Now, not for others to misunderstand my friend, he truly appreciates all he has, he was just making a comment that I am using to make a point.

We have all ‘had it bad’ at one time or another.  Life has ‘been crumpled’ for all of us at one time or another.  Some even more than others.   Two choices lie ahead when the bad hits the fan.  Move forward with all you have, or take it as it comes.   If you choose moving forward you know that hard work will pay off.  No one is ‘just given’ ANYthing in this world.  I’m sorry when I read about people going through tough times, it makes me sad.  I marvel at how they can cope with whatever it is that has knocked them down.

Notice I did not say accept, understand, or even get-over their circumstances, I said cope.  I have been through some pretty terrible stuff in my life and I am well aware that no one gets a ‘pass’ in life.  So for some, ‘cope’ is as good as it will get.   IT WILL RAIN AND RAIN hard.  But I choose to gain strength from seeing others like my two families above.  May I never KNOW what they are going through.

What knocks you down?  Are you still down?  Are you riding the wave waiting; or are you out there trying to ‘cope’?  We all had great-great grandparents, right?  When is the last time you sat down and actually thought about them?  My guess……not really, right?

My point.  At some point the door gets shut or the ashes get spread and a time will come when few, if any, will think about US AT ALL.  So we have what we have NOW and what we do with it is totally our call.  Make the call to find what you can do in THIS LIFE to give you the strength to not only live………but live life fully.

The subway is not so bad when you are used to walking.  Think about it.

I am a diabetes dad.

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