Anyone PISS You Off Lately?????

grrrrrrrIt’s hard sometimes to sit and think this all the way through.  I have been at it a long time.  I have dedicated my life and am a staff member supporting one of the greatest research centers in the world.  There are surely more centers than just the DRI and many are doing great things.  To me, the race is on and I could give a hang who gets there first.  Many believe in the DRI.  Many believe in the JDRF or the ADA.  Some believe in Denise Faustman’s work.  Others look to companies like Viacyte.  Some cannot wait for Ed Damiano’s bionic pancreas or the many artificial pancreas projects out there to come to market………in the mean time.

Me?  I believe in all of them.

In the mean time.

I hope this world-wide race to all of the waiting finish lines bears fruit.  I’m on-line.  I’m ‘out there’, I read the comments and see the stories.  I see the discussions, and some times heated, among people; our people.  People in our war.  I see the anger at certain organizations, medical practices, and government entities, I see the frustration in many as we all wait…………… the mean time.

But remember this when you get frustrated because certain people believe in certain people or organizations that, perhaps, you have grown weary of supporting.  Or, perhaps, you do not completely agree with in philosophy or mission.  Many of the people who believe differently than you, in more cases than not, are also up at 3 in the morning treating a low.  Are sitting on the bed comforting their child because the 400-500 will just not break.  Are pacing the floor thinking, “should I go to the emergency room, maybe I’ll decide in 15 minutes”; many, if not all, live the life we all so despise.

Never forget…..NEVER….that others are hurting also.  Are waiting just as much as you; and some even waiting x2, x3, or even more because more than one child has been diagnosed.

One of the times I valued most in my life was the time I spent at dLife.  My position there allowed me, dare I say offered me, the opportunity to visit everywhere and anywhere…………………diabetes.  Whether Benno was going to Haiti, or Denise needed an audience to discuss why no one funds her work and what it was about, or I was asked to speak at a walk, ride or black tie function; I had a huge and distinct advantage in my life as I saw diabetes through a lens I wish everyone could do at some point in their lives.  I saw parents…..all across this country… work.

I learned the phrase that diabetes advocacy (which includes education, fundraising, awareness and more) across the globe is not this way OR that way;  it is, and must remain, this way AND that way.

And most important, even if you have been burned beyond belief but still have a child battling this disease, you have no say in what happens if you retreated to the sidelines.  WE ALL MUST STAY AT IT UNTIL IT IS NO MORE.  If that takes a life time, so be it.  Not happy where you are, move to someplace who will accept your efforts.  Many need help, your help.  This disease also does not care if your child is now an adult; your efforts might change in scope but retreating and no longer being involved JUST BECAUSE your child has become older also removes a soldier from the battle.  You may not be the #1 fundraiser of THAT gala, or walk, or ride anymore…..but the battle still needs you…….find a new initiative……diabetes has not gone away.  Neither should you.

We had a huge scare very recently.  I have not been scared in a long, long time.
I was scared.
Yes, I want a cure and will continue to challenge the people right in my backyard at the DRI as I do everywhere else I can.  This disease is not ‘my job’ or my past time—–it is my life.  I want it changed.  I WILL SEE IT CHANGED.

But none of us can stand alone.   Support what I like?  Makes no matter to me.  But support what you believe in and support it from the mountaintops.  No team wins with just a strong first string…..they win because they are a strong team.  Don’t do nothing.

At the end, and during, each and every day…..we all return to dealing with a disease we hate, Hate, HATE, H-A-T-E.  Remember that fact always every time you go to say something.  NONE OF US wants to be in this ‘club’ but we will surely accomplish much more if we have, at least, the appearance that the battle is big and that we respect everyone’s efforts.   Not staying involved because of whatever reason you are leaning on only takes a soldier off the field and gives the enemy one less team member to worry about……that enemy is diabetes.

NEVER forget that point.

I am a diabetes dad.

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