Passover-Easter: Fun Factoids About Both—-Enjoy!!!!

Easter PassoverApart from English and German, the name of ‘Easter’ has been derived from Pesach, the Hebrew name of Passover festival.

“Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there.”  Clarence W. Hall

The date of Passover is variable as it is dependent on the phases of the moon, and thus Easter is also a movable feast.

Easter Bonnets are a throw back to the days when the people denied themselves the pleasure of wearing finery for the duration of Lent.

Even if Moses is the most important human figure in the Passover story, he is mentioned only once in the Haggadah

Good Idea: Finding Easter eggs on Easter Sunday.
Bad Idea: Finding Easter eggs at Thanksgiving.
FACT: 600 million eggs are usually sold in USA during the months of March and April.

During World War I, in Vilna, Poland, when it was very difficult to find kosher wine, the rabbinical authorities made a special announcement to allow sweet tea in the Seder ceremony, instead of the traditional four cups of wine.

Since 1878 the White House Easter Egg Roll has taken place on the South Lawn. The Easter tradition was started by President Rutherford B. Hayes.

Passover holiday has three names: Pesach – literally meaning the Passover sacrifice; Hag Hamatzot – Feast of Unleavened Bread; and Zeman Heirutenu – the Season of Our Freedom.

The custom of giving eggs at Easter time has been traced back to Egyptians, Persians, Gauls, Greeks and Romans, to whom the egg was a symbol of life.

There is no such thing as the Easter Bunny:
Yeah, and Peter Rabbit didn’t think Mr. McGregor was going to catch him in the cabbage patch either — get with the times.
FACT: On Easter, 76% people bite off the chocolate bunny ears first, while 5% bite the feet first and 4% eat the tail first

In the mid-20th century, it used to take as much as 27 hours to make a marshmallow peep. Today, the time has been reduced to six minutes.

The information above was scouted from a ton of sources and I hope you enjoyed them.  These Holidays are sacred times for many who believe.  May you walk one step closer in your faith this weekend and may you enjoy your family time together.  Have no fear as Monday will bring back EVERYTHING you left on Friday; so take this time for……well……YOU!

Happy Holidays.

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