The Easter Basket……A Poem.

Easter BasketOh the Easter Basket so sweet with candy and not whole grain Wheaties,
Can cause such havoc for those living life with diabetes.

It is not necessarily the actually candy that causes us to stump,
It’s the sneaking without telling; or consulting the pump.

The basket seems so pretty when it’s finished by one Easter Bunny,
How careful us parents must be, the bad guy; it’s truly not funny.

Our kids just want some chocolate, why must we be such total creeps,
If not the bunny ears, a jelly bean perhaps, or even some peeps.

But we know what happens when the candy goes in,
We know it shouldn’t be bad or treated as sin.

We did what we could, to supply gifts over candy,
But it’s the sweets in the baskets the kids will find dandy.

We do allow them to have some of the sweets and try to be fair,
But tread carefully we must, the pitfalls are there.

It’s just another reason to make us parents’ breath and to sigh,
To ward off the threats of the lows or a high.

We do not like to say no when everyone else gets a yes,
But we see the pitfalls of diabetes and know surely what’s best.

So parents take solace in doing well this holiday maze,
Rest easy till Halloween, it’s in 209 days.

Happy Easter.

I am a diabetes dad.

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