Are You Asking…or Do You Want to be Told What You Want to Hear…CAREFUL!!!!

Danger Bad Advice AheadThis was a hard article to write but I have never shied away from a discussion that should be had.  I’m also shocked when, undoubtedly, someone writes me privately and says, “……are you referring to ‘such-and-such?”  Interesting thing is that I will get numerous such emails and I will not be referring to any specific story or comment whatsoever.  When I am referring to something specific I will let you know.

Today I ask; have we come to the point that ‘correct diabetes care’ is pushed aside to the; “this is my family and you cannot tell me what to do”—-syndrome?  No one need to listen to me and I’m very careful about giving direct personal advice to anyone; and that includes avoiding.

I try to respect that we are all on the journey, albeit our  own journey.  Years ago, when at a support group meeting, we would seek the advice of many.  We would listen what people would tell us, confer with our medical team, and decide what made sense medically.  “WE” were taken out of the equation on what we felt was appropriate…..we wanted what was medically sound.

Is that still the case?

If, medically, we are told that we should be careful of XYZ and not do XYZ; and someone asks if they should do XYZ….so many walk so carefully and comment; “….. well you need to make the decision for you and yourself and do what is right for your family.  My doctor told me know not to do XYZ and I did anyway and nothing happened so they were wrong….make your own choices honey.”

Does that sound familiar?

Now I’m not out to start a world war here in saying what we should do or what would should not do in our world of diabetes.  Or seek input wherever and whenever we can.  I am saying, “be careful”.  KNOW THIS: Someone else’s advice was only right for them; it does not make it necessarily right for you.  Conversely, if someone tells you that something was a wrong choice, know that it was only wrong for them.

Advice?  Ask away.  Just make sure you weigh everything in what you hear and what you are being told.  And just as you ask a million people their opinions, your medical team–or members of the medical community—-must be in the mix as you weigh what to do and when to do it.

I am not saying medical professionals do not make errors….they do——and so do we.  My warning is this, and this is the question to ask yourself: “Am I looking for an answer, or am I looking until find someone to tell me what I want to hear”.  I’ll say it again; Are you looking for an actual answer, or are you looking until you find someone who will say what you want to hear.  The difference is huge and KNOW the difference. And as in anything that we choose for our kids, or ourselves, the decision is yours to make——just don’t fool yourself as you search for knowledge.  The loudest and/or pushy answers/conversations, may have nothing to do with you at all……..don’t fall into that trap.

I am a diabetes dad.

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