A Short Film…..Worth EVERY SECOND That Should be Seen…..By Everyone!

thumbs upI am at a disadvantage at times.  My training as a TV Producer at dLife for 5 years has made my eye for video too critical.  I have no idea how many video pieces I have looked at in my life.  An eye that looks for a story to be told in the manner it needs to be told.  There is a list of parameters that come into mind.  I’m critical; I want the story to be good, I want the video to be good, I want to be moved.  I start out looking at everything in this manner.

I have also shared when I find a video that I find interesting and I share it hoping you do also. Today is such a day.  I have always stated that the ‘well known’ celeb in the diabetes world is an inspiration; but it is the stories that kids can see as ‘just like them’, that could have a much larger impact on showing kids with diabetes and reaching their dreams.

I have been working on a video that condenses many kids together for that purpose; and it’s surely my hope that the pieces to finish that video are forthcoming in the very near future.  In the meantime; I recently came across a video that everyone, especially kids, should see.  You might not even realize how good it is, on so many levels, because it is a story told simply; of young man named Ryan Maloney.

Ryan is the center of this movie-short by a movie maker that only ‘brilliant’ comes to mind to describe.  What Brent Deal succeeds in doing in this film is to make a very complicated story, very simple to understand.  This story of Ryan, done in two-plus minutes, will make any one with diabetes who watches it understand absolutely instantaneously the message of not letting diabetes stop them from anything.

To capture Ryan’s passion, drive, and perseverance with a disease that he clearly cannot stand; in two minutes is next to impossible…….Mr. Deal succeeds and succeeds well.  Do not let the gorgeous shots, and the way the story seems simple, fool you for one second.  This was well thought-out and extremely well shot in a very complicated way to ‘look that simple’.

I don’t mean to sound like a reviewer; but this struck me as an absolute ‘must see’–I have no ties to it whatsoever.   That said; every newly diagnosed child, tween, teen, and well anyone else newly diagnosed; or anyone wondering “can I do this with diabetes” should see this film.  Ryan’s ‘real approach’ on how he feels is worth EVERY second, and Mr. Deal’s approach is nothing short of masterful.

There are no tears, tissues, or pain in this film.  It’s just two minutes-twenty one seconds of magnificently shot film that simply tells the story of a young man….out to prove that diabetes will stop him…………..from nothing.  Enjoy and share it with anyone and everyone you know….it’s THAT good.

Enjoy: Click here

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Thank you for the incredibly kind words. And for focusing attention to Ryan, who flat out deserves it. I’m honored that you think the visuals and tone in this piece match Ryan’s undeniable radness.

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