What Do You Mean, “Don’t Let it GET YOU DOWN…..It’s Diabetes!!!!”

catLet’s be clear about something.  When I say that it’s up to us to stay positive in this battle DOES NOT MEAN that I walk around life like nothing is wrong.  There is a huge difference in staying positive and being aloof as if diabetes is just this distant ‘thing happening’ that I do not acknowledge.  Again, let’s be clear……..I hate this disease and I know full well how much it is in our lives and has been for over 22+ years.

Never mistake the positive attitude that I have chosen for one second that I am not fully 1000% engaged with how much I hate this disease.  Yes, I still get upset…..even after all of this time.  Yes, I still fear my kids could die when I ‘blink’.   Yes I still wake up and look to see if they are breathing (when they are at our house).   None of that GOES AWAY.

And I don’t want it to go away.  It keeps me focused on getting the job done.

No one wants a cure more than I do……of course there are millions of people who are tied at the spot ‘of want’ who also have a loved one with this disease, or have it themselves.  I know the frustrations of things not moving fast enough for us.  Not just in cure focused research but in product development.  We are parents…we want it NOW!!!  What ‘it’ is represents anything that can help our kids.

My resolve to this disease-state is razor focused.  But never misunderstand my power to move forward.  Never misunderstand my power to stay positive.  That is an overall attempt to make sure diabetes does not win in our house.  My kids who have diabetes NEED TO SEE that energy.  I need them to get up today and fight to live in this wonderful world……and despite so many ‘things’…….it IS a wonderful world.

As long as they keep fighting……so will I.  There is MUCH TO DO.  I will not, ‘just do nothing’.

So face everything with an energy of resolve not to be beaten.  But also know that being upset, crying, hurting, being frustrated does not show a weakness to staying positive and are all part of focusing on being positive……we are not superheroes……..we are parents; we define a different type of superhero.

I am a diabetes dad.

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