School Nurse….Parents—-As Your School Year Comes to an End………..

School nurseThe school year is coming to a close within the next two months.  You should set up an appointment and/or a time to visit with your school nurse to collect all of the things that you left there for the school year regarding your child’s diabetes supplies.  You may have this down to a routine but sending an email asking when is an appropriate time might be a good suggestion as well.

At that time, you should take advantage of the situation and also ask her when would be a good time in the fall to come by to look at the upcoming year ahead.  Remember that your school nurse deals with hundreds, if not thousands, of kids.  Her time may be limited, so be respectful of that fact and work out a time that is good for her and you.

Have a bag or something to carry the ‘stuff’ would be a good idea also.  Don’t think that she will have a bag for you, be prepared.  And most importantly, do not forget to thank her.  You can say it, you can give her a card with a gift certificate, you can bring her flowers, you can do whatever you want but PLEASE make sure you say thank you to your school nurse in some shape or form.  I loved the idea of a small gift accompanied by a hand-drawn thank you from your child—-I have always found that so powerful.

There are more common ailments in the school, and more things that happen more frequently, but no disease-state takes up more of the school nurse’s time than a child with T1 diabetes.  I get it, she is doing her job.  That’s fine.  But people so appreciate when they are recognized for a job well done.  And to be truthful, we take up a lot of school nurse’s job.  And even if YOU THINK they did not do such a great job, or perhaps there was even a little friction this year I say why not try; “Mrs. XYZ, we certainly had some ups and downs this year but I DO appreciate all you did for my child.”……..and you give her a little something….try it…..why not try to show understanding as the year winds down.  You will start building for next year.

We had fabulous relationships with all of our school nurses during Kaitlyn and Rob’s school years but there was also a very strong attempt on our side to make it a good relationship.  One school nurse even wore the pump for a few days so she would know what Kaitlyn was going through.  Nothing ‘good’ just happens.  It takes work.

If it has been a bit rocky; why not start to mend.  If it is good already, work for it to continue.  School Nurses chose this profession for a reason.  They are there for your children.  They are moms, family members, and (mostly, I know a small percentage of school nurse are men) women just like any other women but they have chosen a most noble field. They spend the most amount of time, outside of you and your family, with your child dealing with T1 diabetes.

Let them know it is appreciated…..I promise you it will go a long way in paving a roadway of harmony and in the long-run; your child will be the one who comes out on top.  Think about it……..say thank you in a way you feel comfortable.

I am a diabetes dad.

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So agree with you Tom! We had an awesome school nurse at our previous school and always recognized her hard work at the end of school year (& holidays too!)
( Unfortunately we don’t have a school nurse at the current school because it’s too small a school so I run over from my office whenever needed cause it’s close by.)

School nurses work very hard to take care of our kids during the school day

This is is a terrific reminder. We are fortunate that we have a very open line of communication with the school nurse. My son’s elementary school does not have a full time nurse, so the nurse comes over from the nearby middle school to do shots after lunch and then comes back every afternoon to do a check and give a correction if needed. This step saves me literally an hour out of each work day if I have to go give the correction myself and until last year that is exactly what I did. She sends me at least 2 texts a day providing me with updates and the peace of mind that provides is immeasurable. The time she dedicates to our son is remarkable and we always make sure she knows how much we truly appreciate her.

Great to hear about your relationship and happy to hear it is working out well. A voice from someone ‘there’ is always helpful and thank you for chiming on.

My sons school has delegated responsibility to the Secretary who is in charge of the health room as well. We chose our school after meeting her, because she was so warm, comforting, and welcoming. She has been like our family member ever since my son was in Kindergarten (now in 5th grade). As my sons end of Elementary school draws closer, we are all getting emotional. I plan on making a photo book for her, as well as a hand made gift from us all. She has been a literal life saver, and will always be a very important person in our lives. She and my son are sure to have a special bond that will last a lifetime as well. So grateful.

I am the mom to a T1D child but I am also an elementary school nurse, so I see it from both sides. I have an amazing relationship with my daughter’s school nurse (also coworkers in the same district) and I make sure she feels appreciated whenever I can. I will say, I experienced nurses day with much gratitude yesterday. I felt very appreciated and loved and that’s what keeps us going. A lot of people think that school nurses just put band aids on kids and send them home when they have a fever. Very few people realize that we are so much more. We are mediators, teachers, safe havens, and nurturers. Lots of these kids have anxiety and just need an ear to listen and get away. Many of the kids come in to my office with asthma and never having been taught how to use their inhaler, so its our job to teach them.. Many come to school with no breakfast because they cant afford to buy it. Definitely take a moment this week to thank your school nurse. They juggle and handle the tasks of MANY health concerns at your children’s schools. Its nurses week!!

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