Diabetes……Do Not Forget to Laugh.

Snoopy laughWhen my dad was in last days on earth, it was about as stressful as one could ever know.  Alzheimer’s is a nasty disease and there were many aspects that were not good.  In fact there was not a whole lot of good at all.  My dad had this incredible laugh.  He would take it all in and he would flash this incredible grin and he would laugh, and laugh.

Despite everything that was going on around him, there were always jokes and laughter.  The night he died, almost all of us were around him.  Much laughter and singing at his bedside….so much so….we thought he was rebounding.  When we left that night of March 15th, we really did not think that he would be gone in the early hours of March 16th.  I will always remember that night of love and laughter.

I share that because it should serve as a lesson for all of us.  If laughter EVER leaves your household, you will be missing out at on a great deal.  Make sure that laughter is still a big part laughter helps ease the hurt and I know in our household, well we laugh a great deal.  SO if there is less laughter in your house…..go look for it again……you’ll be glad you did.
I am a diabetes dad.

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Once again you knocked it out of the park Tom.
Even in our darkest, most stressful moments when Jason was in full blown DKA and not knowing what the next few hours would bring, we somehow found something to laugh about. It really IS the best medicine. Much thanks.

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