Diabetes: I’ll do it My Way….and You Do it Yours, Okay?……Uhmmm, No!

my wayI often find it interesting that there are so many discussions that come down to this point; let’s just disagree on how we each handle the diabetes in our own household.
Really?  The reason I state this in this manner is that there is a widening of the gap between what are people’s opinions, and what is sound medical advice.

More and more people are saying things like; “…..if I had listen to my doctor I would be dead right now.”  “My doctor did not have a clue how to handle diabetes and Johnny’s sports activities.”   “Our practice had no idea about insulin pumps, so we made the call.”  IF THAT is the case, go to a new practice.

Here’s the thing; it is starting to scare me that people are reading things online, in many cases, until they find what they want to hear.   And they follow that advice.  Or we are becoming so accustomed to the medical professional ‘getting-it-wrong-their-way”, that sound medical advice is being pushed aside….for nothing more that it MAY HAVE worked for some people……some times….the loudest people.

Now hear me correctly.  Anyone has the right to question anything.

When I was at Hofstra University and we were being taught theatrical stage construction, we were taught that if you were cutting many pieces of the exact same thing; you needed to always use the original piece that you cut…..because if that one piece was off by just an eighth of an inch……at least they all would be the same.  If you measured from one piece, and measured another from the newly-cut piece, and measured from the next newly-cut piece etc. etc. etc. you would be off by many inches by time you finished.

I am seeing medical advice being given and getting further and further away from sound medical advice and said so often that it is starting to sound like it is the way it should be; just because people say it more and more.  If a million people say it….it does NOT MAKE it absolutely the truth.

My point is this.  No matter what people think and say MUST BE WEIGHED heavily with what is sound medical advice from medical professionals.  Need more proof,  ask more medical professionals.  The consensus of advice should be coming from those who are trained in such matters, not from those who are not.

Let’s not get into a ‘what about’ specific situation; you know what I mean.  We can not just make some of this stuff up as we go along.  There are sound practices in place for a reason.  You also MUST ADD INTO THE MIX that what works for one-two-three or more people does not necessarily mean it will work for you or your child.

My fear is that one of these days someone’s going to listen to some advice that does not come from a medical professional, or is not sound advice, and in that instance and in that case, it is the wrong advice for THAT person and the consequences will be dear ones.   Whatever you think, hear, read, or experience……ask your medical team.  There is a reason why there is a team…..and why they are yours.

I am a diabetes dad.

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