When it’s Out of Our Control……..

out of controlBut what about…..?
What do you do when…….?
If that does not work…….?
I have tried everything, anyone know what to do about…….?
Problem today…..?

As I lectured last weekend, I used a line that I have used before; education is the absolute equalizer in our world of diabetes.  The more one knows, the more one is prepared for …….well……just about everything and anything.

The exception to that rule of course is the very same thing we battle daily; diabetes.  Diabetes just does not care what kind of day you are having; but take heart…’s not  a personal thing……it’s a disease.  It’s not like it can say, “…..oh today I will cause hell on this person….”, realistically, it cannot do that even though we surely think otherwise at times.

So the question becomes, what does one do; what can one do; when no matter what—–nothing works?  No matter what…..diabetes still gets the upper hand.  There was a discussion circulating lately about ‘brittle diabetes’.  Some say that it is people just not trying hard enough, and others say it is a realistic, absolute, and trouble-some diabetes situation.  Let’s not debate that point………………let’s just say……… matter what you tried, you are ‘stuck’ in what ever it is that has you stuck.  Do you just ride the storm?  Do you just ask a million people how to get unstuck?  What do, or what can, you do?

The true answer is this; the result/answer may not be immediately forthcoming but what you cannot do is just not confront the situation—-it very well may not ‘just go away’.  Do everything I suggested above.  Ask everyone.  Call doctors.  Call support groups.  Whatever it is that you are going through, it’s rare; VERY RARE; that no one else has gone through the same thing, or something very similar.


If you suffer it alone… will suffer it alone.  Ask others to ask others.  Keep asking until someone says, yes I have gone through that; and here is what I learned.  Here is what you should try.  Here is what I suggest.  Because the worst way to deal with something that is unfamiliar to you; is to think that you are the only one who has ever dealt with the situation.  Things old are new again, ask—they are (usually) only new to you.

As weird as a situation may seem; you will be surprised when you learn who else is going through something.  I have a friend of mine with a child with T1 who has what may very well seem (at present) like a unique situation.  She is a very bright and determine woman and I’m confident that, when all is said and done, she will not ‘go it’ alone.  Someone has been there and can help her……I have to believe that.

So when all seems lost.  All seems lonely.  All seems like there is no one else……ask.  Because when you ask two people, who ask two people, who ask two people—-eventually someone will be able to help.  When it is out of control, it is out of control to you……………………but you must find THAT person…….keep asking.

The old joke says that something is always found in the last place you look; I believe; that the help will be out there but you must keep asking………until THAT person comes forward.

Am I wrong?  Let me know who helped you when you thought NO ONE could?  Or are you still going through it…… is the chance to ask again……so ask away……..

I am a diabetes dad.

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