Help needed 1One of the best parts of these articles is that it offers me the opportunity to help others when they are in need.  Today is such a day.  If you are a mom or a dad who can help; it would be greatly appreciated.

I have two moms who are in need of support.  Kindly read carefully and if this fits you, please send me an email at and I will forward it along to the moms who are in need, and sought my help.  Kindly give a brief summary of how your situation is the same and in the subject line of the email please write: Mom Help.

Please share this with other FB pages, the more who see this, the better chance we have of connecting the right people.

Situation one:  A mom is looking for support and guidance.  Her child (late teens) is dealing with T1 Diabetes, Celiac, AND Crohn’s disease (think you are having a bad day?).  Ideally she is looking for anyone who has been dealing with all three BUT IS REALLY LOOKING FOR someone dealing with T1 and Crohn’s.   T1 and Celiac—she has enough help in this manner and we do not need any more.  SO if you have been dealing with all three, or at least, T1 Diabetes and Crohn’s with the same child; kindly email me.

Situation two:  A mom has a son, mid/late teens who can run low in the middle of the night.  It is VERY DIFFICULT to wake him in order to help with these night-time lows and he never wakes up on his own when low.  If you have lived through this WITH A MALE child, she has some questions.  You do not need to answer me here, just let me know that you have experienced this and I will connect you both, but some questions she seek answers for: How do you wake your child to tend to his low?  She has fears about college, what happens when no one is around to wake him?  What does she do if she wants to leave the child with someone else to go away for the/a weekend?  Do teen-age males grow out of this phenomena of not waking up, as they get older?  What tips can you give her; is the only choice to have them go to bed with a little higher glucose number?  They use the Dexcom and they do awake if alarmed, but that is them as parents, she would like to connect with someone who experiences this type of situation.  If this scenario fits something that you have dealt with, please let me know and I will connect you both.

I have often stated that nothing is ever new in the diabetes world; but I have no one readily available for these two situations and I seek your help.  As I stated, if this does not fit you PLEASE do not just leave it alone; PLEASE SHARE this far and wide…….I have to believe that both of these moms can find the help they need.  And if, together, we can get this out here and find them some help; we will all win.   Thank you for your help in this matter; on this day we can make a difference…….together.

I am a diabetes dad.

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