Do You Measure in Degrees of Pain or Do You Measure in Life?

525,500(Before I begin today, I want to thank everyone who sent in help for the two moms—I think we found what we needed and I passed everything along.  Know that they the moms may not reach out to you only because they found the help they need from someone else.  Thank you to all who sent in emails and forwarded the message ‘out there’……it worked.) 

The song from the smash-hit musical Rent states; five-hundred-twenty-five-thousand-six-hundred minutes; but the most important part of that song Seasons of Love is at the end of the first verse:  How do you measure, Measure a year? It is really good food for thought.

I love the people who you speak to and they rattle off all of the exciting things they did over the weekend.  It makes you tired just listening to their adventures.  Others will tell you how busy they are and can not get hold of their life, or how they are working too much; or how much diabetes filled their weekend.  Constantly.

Who would ever want to fill 525,600 minutes that way and I can tell you that others do not want to hear THAT is how one fills their time.  Life is really an exciting place and everyone will always have a time where falling into the ‘doldrums’ will happen but for goodness sake, everyday cannot be like that and should not be like that.

My friend Laura is like that.  Life is holding surprises at every turn.  Even when she goes for her walk/run she will stop and take a picture of something she notices….showing a picture of her husband making a salmon b-b-q may not seem like a lot to some but if I have my choice of seeing someone making dinner for the family or a child in the hospital with tubes all over them; I’ll take the guy making dinner any time.

Not to be confused, if someone wants prayers, I believe in prayer, ask me—-you got it.  But every child I have ever talked to has mentioned to me that THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND the pictures and they surely NEVER want theirs posted should they end up that way.  But I’m always ready to learn if someone wants to share a reason.  It is always your call, I just never understood it.  But I digress.

There is one shot at this big ‘ol world out here and if you want to think of anyone in history; John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Richard Nixon, Marilyn Monroe………guess what—-whatever they were; they are gone now.   All gone.

So when those two feet hit the floor in the morning, decide that life has something FOR YOU today and you are going to go find it and own it.  A new job?  A new relationship?  A better degree?  A new diet?  Better diabetes management? Or even just a salmon b-b-q.   Whatever it is…….it starts today.  No one woke up and did a marathon, but they did wake up and say; “…… today I start to train for a marathon.”…….. and the first walk soon became the first jog, run, 5k, half marathon, and marathon.  It started.

525,600 minutes…….the first one makes up the whole year.  Start.

I am a diabetes dad.

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