CRYSTAL BOWERSOX-GREAT SONG: PLEASE READ and Share will give $2 to a Worthy Group

CRYSTAL SWDWhat started as a trip to American Idol has turned a career around for Crystal Bowersox.  Many times Crystal, a mega talent who so happens also has T1 diabetes, and I have worked together for diabetes causes and her song here sung at the Students with Diabetes Conference……..well…..something happened that no one could have ever predicted.

Here is the deal, click picture above and you will see a GREAT VIDEO.
Hit the like button and Students with Diabetes (SWD) will get $1.00 toward their scholarship fund.
Hit the share button and share it with someone and they will get another $1.00.


Students With Diabetes is dedicated to creating a community and connection point for young adults with diabetes ages 18-30 on both college campuses and in local communities across the country.  The national network includes education, programs and opportunities for young adults living with diabetes to facilitate their transition into this life stage and help foster personal, social and professional development to ensure a successful life with diabetes.

Do it today and share this post——-win-win-win—-BUT DO IT ALL TODAY!!!!!  Time is running out.

I am a diabetes dad.

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