Do ‘Stuck’ Glucose Numbers Upset You? There May (M-A-Y) Be a Simpler Solution!!!

crazy numbersI remember speaking to a teenager a while back and she was quite clear how she found it so interesting what the ‘swings’ do to a parents’ mind.  She was very direct in how we, as parents, got/get so upset at the ‘trying to control’ factor involved with our kids’ diabetes.  “It’s diabetes, just deal with it.”

If ever there was a statement easier said than done….there it is.  That said, it leaves out there on the table, great food-for-thought.  Are we better off spending time in just dealing with the problem and moving on, than allowing it to ‘hurt’ as much as we let it?

The truth is we are not dealing with a machine.  It’s easy to say we should just make the adjustment, or work toward some sort of fix, but we also watch what the spiraling-out-of-control numbers do to impact our children’s very lives.  It’s that ‘humanity’-factor which takes the idea of ‘just numbers’ and clearly shows us what it does to our loved ones as a real life reminder.

Understanding all of what this actually means, I think it’s important to also use it as a tool to remind us that the numbers we deal with are numbers.  If the numbers are consistent in being uncontrollable, we need to take a hard look at what is being done; and we MUST BE RESPECTFUL to the fact that we always need to look at the way we manage diabetes.

DO NOT misunderstand me.  I’m fully aware that sometimes nothing will make ‘numbers’ work–whatever that means to you.  But do not be afraid to tell/ask yourself; “I need to do something else here to try to get a different result.”  I do not have the answer for you on what you should do each time with each child because each person is different, but I am suggesting that all of us not be afraid to at least try something different when all else fails.  Adding a shot, trying a different means/food/drink to raise blood sugar, and/or whatever it takes…..think about it.

Do not be so reliant on devices and ‘the norm’.  Do not be afraid to ask ‘other’ ways to deal with the diabetes you must deal with; that are based on sound medical practices but different from, perhaps, what you are used to.

A tractor-trailer was stuck under an overpass.  Emergency teams came for all around and were looking at the brick structure of the overpass to figure some means of getting the truck through the underpass.  Specialist from all over the state came to help ‘unstuck’ the truck.  Finally, a little boy walked by and said, “why don’t you just take some air out of the tires?”  And that was that.

They may seem simple.  But silly simple solutions are never silly……..when they work.  So ask around, your problems may have a solution lying with someone else.  Ask.

I am a diabetes dad.

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