As Bad as it Seems……Life REALLY is Good…….or it Can Be, Again.

life is goodHere it comes.  Be ready.  It’s here.  Oops, too late,.  Now it’s gone.

The moment.

There are so many things to remind us about so much that we fail to enjoy, in the now.  I thought having a child with diabetes was about as bad a curve-ball life could throw…….until a second child was diagnosed.  I look around and see people much younger than I, do they realize how important it is to enjoy the moments, because they will be gone in a flash.

Next month I will no longer have any teenagers; it was hard enough when they were out of elementary school.  Life moving on is part of……..well…  I’m the type of person who never wanted to go back in time…….for what?  I think life has so much to offer and it’s up to each of us to find a mission in life, work hard, enjoy life, give back, and realize just how lucky we are.

And I realize how lucky I am.  Mostly because I see a lot of people in my travels and I have decided that I’m right where I should be.  A few things might be worthy of change but so many have it so less.  “Less” can be defined in many ways but the fact is, as Clarence says from the movie; “you had a wonderful life.”

For me, it’s very simple.  I realize where I came from, and how hard it was years ago.  When one comes close to losing everything and survives; it makes it a tad easier to appreciate all you do have in life.  Nothing seems easy when you are going through it.  When a child is diagnosed with diabetes (well anything, really, but in our case it was diabetes) you look back and realized how far you have come.  Even a month after diagnosis, the “I will never get through this…….” ends up showing you that you can and you did; and you will the next time as well.

A friend of mine will be married this month.  Her story could be considered a disaster by most.  The layer upon layer of hardship would make most people buckle-under and fall apart……and there are times she must have felt that way, there are times I am sure she did.   The challenges of her kids, the loss of her husband, and everything that surrounded everything she endured.   And yet, her positive attitude and moving forward did not only serve her well; she inspired all those around her.  And, now, she has found love again.  And there are a whole ton of people in this world who could not be happier for her.  She deserves it.

And so do you.

No matter what you are going through.  No matter how hard it is, it seems, or it was; I have always found that the harder you work, the luckier you are.  Work means to do whatever it takes to survive, make it, thrive, and continue.  Some times you do not heal, but you cope.  You find the mechanism that gets you through another day.  Others have it worse.  Others have it better.  But we all have……………….life.

Look for the good, the positive, and how well YOU ACTUALLY have it compared to others.  Poo-poo happens, as they say.  It happens to all of us.  But GREAT things happen also.  Enjoy them while they are here.  You will wake up one day and you will have no more teenagers in your house……and you may think that upsets me but in actuality, it means that I am a decade closer to having grand-children…….and that role would just suit me fine.

Life truly is what you make it………………..what will you decide today?

I am a diabetes dad.

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