Sometimes, SIMPLE is the Most Powerful Message of ALL!!!!!

holleyHolley Rothell Kitchen is a hero.  I don’t mean a hero with a cape or anything but a real, true, in-you-face, do-something-with-nothing hero.  She created a video.  If you watch it, you are compelled to share it……I am doing more than share on FB, I am dedicating space to it today in my column.

The video deals with Metastatic Breast Cancer in a way you probably have never seen.

Holley’s facial expressions, as she goes along in the video, are absolutely priceless.  Her face is a clear representation of her heart.

Now what does Holley’s journey have to with diabetes.  Honestly, nothing.  But after you see the video Holley’s electrifying persona will draw you in and you too will feel like you have to share this message for everyone and anyone to see.

There are some takeaways pertaining to our community which I will get to in a minute.  But remember that Holley surely did not want to be a member of the club of which she now sits.  Devastating on so many different fronts.

And yet, as horrendous a situation it is; Holley decided to make a difference.  This video is not professionally produced; in fact it looks like just a cell phone.  It is not a commercial with ad agency input and bells and whistles.  It’s not a major network evening of fund-raising.  It’s a woman with a message.  A message that has been seen by over 10 million people.

Remember that the next time you say you have no money to help.  Remember that the next time you say you have no time.  Remember that the next time you say no one has it tougher than you.  But more than any of that; remember Holley.  Pray for her and her family.   Share her video.

I feel we owe that to Holley; what she asks is so little of us……and it’s a message everyone needs to hear.

I also need to thank Holley because she taught me so much more than information about Metastatic Breast Cancer; she taught me a very important lesson about life, and there is something for everyone in her message.

God Bless you on your journey Holley.  You did not ask for it, and you may not even agree with it, but you are a hero.  The world needs more heroes in it, thanks for being mine today; and for a long time to come.

Click the picture and it will take you to Holley’s FB page and the video is right there to view. Share it.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Thank you so much for drawing attention to this. You are right that her facial expressions tell the whole story. It did have something to do with TD1, because as parents of kids with TD1 we hear the dumbest s*&t you could imagine. So I am *really* praying for Holley, and all the people who can identify with #lifer. Thanks again for sharing.

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