What if Diabetes Was a Disaster of Catastrophic Proportions?????

disasterI’ve got it.

I have been looking for a way to educate others about diabetes; the differences between T1, T2, and other types; how it is not what it seems on the outside and that smiling active kids is just part of the story.  We need for diabetes to become a catastrophe.

Whenever something big happens; America, and the world for that matter, want to all “jump in and help”.  We have proved it time and time again.  Natural disasters, tragedies, terrorists attacks and anything else that breaks up and attacks the norm and we come full circle with time, money, television shows to raise money, and a national awareness like none other.  We are the best at ‘going all out’…….when the time is right.

Reaction.  We are reactionary on all that we do but how much are we preventative?  What we feel amongst ourselves about diabetes, type 1 or type 2 differs greatly; but if someone outside the community ‘gets it wrong’ we are the first ‘in there’ to kick some serious butt.

One of the most fascinating events surrounding 9/11 was that the world will say what they want about New York City; dirty. smelly, loud, rude etc. etc…..but when 9/11 happened it was like everyone’s big brother just got the crap kicked out of him……..and THAT was unacceptable.  That is OUR New York City and a wall of defense was evident like none other before or since.

Sad part is…….for many of us the world DOES NOT see that, at times, diabetes provides its own catastrophe that we all must deal with…….alone.   And that’s sad.  And that hurts.


I am a diabetes dad.

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As I recall, you have worked on public information formats to help get public awareness of T1D. Maybe this could be a good platform to jump off of? Just brain storming a bit…. A visual or audio that would reflect the difference between two Diabetics facing the same disaster and how much more critical it is for the T1D.

Just a thought, it seems that the media gives lots of attention to disasters, what if we were able to use the same timing of media coverage of a disaster to show the difference while people are watching a disaster unfold? It might stick in there head a little better.

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