Someone Went Low….Someone Stepped in….Part 2!!!!!

WowWhen I write, I speak what’s on my mind and many times I relay what happens in my life being a diabetes dad.  Sometimes it resonates with others and at other times, I’m sure, people ask themselves; “what planet was Tom on when he wrote that one.”  But it’s what I do when it comes to writing.

As I wrote yesterday’s article about stepping in when someone went low, holy cow, I never expected the results that transpired; not only did thousands read the article but literally hundreds commented and/or sent me a comment which I will address in just a bit.

When I first started seeing responses, I tried to comment and it became too much so I thought, originally, that I would give some space before today’s article.  As it became more overwhelming and larger in scope, I decided to give today’s column over to relay some thoughts.

First, I want you to know that last I heard, the young lady is doing fine. I did not know her and her friends, and my updated-news was a couple of steps away from the source but I also heard no other news so I’m going with that she is fine now.  Dr. Henry, who was amazing, talked her back until she was at better blood sugar levels.  I’m sure, by now, it’s a distant thought in this young lady’s life and as what happens many times in these cases; the person who goes through this rarely remembers all of what happened around them.  She probably felt a little embarrassed also as those with T1 feel many times and it is my hope that she doesn’t, and just forgets it.

I also want you to know, and I say this knowing that it may come across as false-modesty but I’ll take that chance to make a very important point.  You/we/us do this.  We are experts at it because we do it or have done it too many times to remember.  Everything that happened, happened because I knew what to do.  It was an automatic pilot situation because………well we have all been there……and none of us ever wanted it.

Many used very, very nice phrases to describe my actions but in all honesty; someone went low and it was dealt with.  I need you to know that as I read yesterdays comments I was absolutely positive of one distinct thing—-NOT ONE OF YOU would have acted any different.  We DO this—-even when it came time to DEMAND—-I only knew it because…..I’ve done it; and so have you.  The difference was, that instead of it being for my child… was someone else’s child.  Trust me when I share with you that
Dr. Henry did much more to help this young lady than I ever could have done.

When I reflected on the situation the next day, I felt as if two guys go into a bar to rob it only to find out that it’s the favorite watering hole of every cop in a city and as soon as they say, ‘stick-’em-up’; every gun in the place is drawn on them.  My point; this was The Annual ADA Scientific Meeting and every expert in the world is here……..if ever someone with diabetes was to go low…….if one IS to go low, places like this is the place to do it.

I also want you to know that I did relay the course of action and left it with those who should deal with the problem, the situation, and yes even that employee.  After that it is up to them.  When these things happen, you react.  When we do react and there comes down time we, of course, have a ‘post-mortem’ in our mind to see what we would do differently……and no situation is ever the same.

In closing today, I want to address you.  I never write with an expected outcome; ever.  It’s never about who will react, how will they react, what will be said and/or who will say it.  If I cause a dialogue; I have accomplished my goal.  If one person becomes educated on something more than the day before; mission accomplished.  When I receive an email from someone who states I have touched them, I’m truly humbled.  What happened yesterday…….truly made me weak on my knees.  I never, NEVER, N-E-V-E-R expected or even dreamed of the responses that occurred.

The situation was something that we all have done.  ALL OF US.  As I stated; I am 1000% convinced not one of you would have done anything different (except that I also know many of you are more restraint than I and would HAVE NOT used a few choice words I used).  This I know to be true.  I also know to be true that I DID feel pretty bad about it all and in-all-honesty I can not relay in words how so many of you touched me yesterday.  NO ONE could have ever looked for; thought up; or even dreamed of the responses that I saw yesterday.  You overwhelmed me.

For those wonderful comments, all of them; I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.  If we have to go through this; I am glad that we do it……and will continue to do it………together.

Thanks again.

I am a diabetes dad.

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4 replies on “Someone Went Low….Someone Stepped in….Part 2!!!!!”

Thank you Diabetes Dad for stepping in and helping. I would hope that if my DD was in a crisis situation that someone would step-up just like that. My DD and I have been discussing friends and which friends step-up to help her. I am sorry the bartender did not understand the type of group they were serving. Hopefully, at future events, the staff of the organization hosting will have a briefing with the servers to understand potential emergency situations. Thank you for stepping up and helping this dear girl!

I will respond to this post as well…I was the one you helped and I am doing 100% fine in case there was wonder in anyone’s mind. I am very much thankful for your help and you are correct that the only ill-feeling I have is a little embarrassment as to causing anyone any trouble, but you by no means should feel guilty for anything at all you said or did. You are amazing and I hope to see you again sometime.

…….SO WONDERFUL of you to write. You caused no one ANY trouble whatsoever…….let’s say I had pent-up anger issues and when the lady behind the bar got in our way—-she was the reason for me to release it all. 🙂
So maybe we should thank her.
Thanks again for writing Kelsey……made my day!!!!!

Well I’m glad you had the opportunity to release any pent-up anger. ;-). Thanks again for your help, and you made my night by making sure I didn’t pass out and REALLY embarrass myself!

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