We are Such Horrible Parents!!!!!

bad parents“I’m such a horrible parent.”
Never said that before….have you?

At some point we say to ourselves, “What was I thinking?”  Our child’s blood sugar sky rockets; crashes; rebounds; what a mess.  We made the wrong meal, played the diabetes police too hard, gave the wrong snack, gave milk instead of juice, bolused too much, bolused too little.

We did not consider their activities, forgot it was a  gym day, and/or asked, “what class trip?”  Kept them home from school when we should have sent them, sent them when we should have kept them home, and/or had no idea what to do.

Any of this sound familiar.  No one…..N-O O-N-E is harder on us……..than us.  We realize every mistake we make.  We agonized over the choices and second guess everything we do.  but here is an inside track on all of this;  you would be doing the same thing whether your child had diabetes or not.

It’s called being a parent.

The love you have for you child is absolutely immeasurable.  There is not an ocean in the world that can contain it.  They hurt….you pray—-no—you beg; God to take it off them and give it to you.  Your small frame would grow to the size of a mountain to take on whatever ails your child.

You smile while your heart breaks,  You make them laugh when they are in pain. You do whatever you do to make them comfortable.  you go without so you can give to them.  You look in 45 stores for a Christmas gift, you let the stereo purchase go so they can get the concert tickets, you scrap and save for their class trip; and you do it all without them knowing.

Sound like anyone you know?????  Of course it does.  It sounds like……..YOU!  You do these things and you will continue to do these things because you love them beyond comprehension, measure, or belief.

You are a parent……and you’re doing a good job.   I just thought I would tell you that today.  Kick-off your shoes tonight and do something nice for………you.  Because you deserve it.

That is all.

I am a diabetes dad.

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