I’m JUST NOT SURE that Screaming About it will Help Anymore………You?

ScreamHow far are we to let ignorance go?

Television show, campaign ads, movies, and just general ignorance of diabetes……..when do we do something ‘more-concrete’ to put a stop to it?   Are we able to put a stop to it?

A few years ago there was a huge brouhaha over some ‘diabetes things’ surrounding Paula Dean.  Remember?  It was huge.  People in the diabetes community raised their voices, loudly, myself included.  It lasted, blasted, and went away.  Teachable moments to the maximum…..loud voices…..and here we are again…..and to what end?

Over the years I have certainly calmed my big mouth as far as these things go.  I read these things starting to raise everyone’s anger and  say to myself, ‘here we go again”.  The anger and the frustration are not present anymore in a way that makes me want to lash out……and to be honest…..I feel bad about it.

It’s not that I don’t want to see a difference, a change, a new way of looking at things……I do,  I really do.  It’s just that no matter how hard we try to, no matter how many times we raise our voices, it has not changed anything in the long run.  My statement is NOT THAT our voices should not continue, my ‘statement’ to ask if there is another way to go about such matters but with a lasting impact?

They say insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results.  Someone says something, it offends, the diabetes community reacts………just seems to be an unending circle…….anyone have any ideas??????  Would love to hear them?????

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3 replies on “I’m JUST NOT SURE that Screaming About it will Help Anymore………You?”

If you are referring to Cross fit, it is perfectly in order that the DOC let their voices be heard to an individual who has no knowledge of what he is talking about, and apparently no social graces to know not to pair his disgusting remarks with a nationally known product, without permission, I’m sure, and then plaster it all over social media for anyone to see. Leaving it just vague enough so it’s not clear who is being insulted. Therefore, everyone that has a disease with the word “diabetes” in it is insulted and outraged. People like this clown, Greg Glassman, should not be allowed to make uneducated, simpleton remarks that causes a vast majority of the “Diabetes” community to go into a rage, and then just walk away, without repercussions. Obviously, reason to a person like this, does nothing. That’s evident by the continual remarks on Instagram, twitter, etc., where he or one of his spokespeople clearly say that the lackluster “apology” wasn’t an apology, at all. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes about the character of this clown!

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