Site. Aim. Fire. But Hit the RIGHT Target!!!!!!

CokeUnless you have been hiding in a cave or under a rock for the last few days, you completely understand the picture with this article today.  Using this ‘real thing’ in the manner it was; not cool.   I’m not going to mention the perpetrator, because they have received enough free coverage already.  Many, many, people became involved. Even, our friend and PWD, Nick Jonas became involved (good for you Nick!—THAT’s cool).

My article today is to urge that you do two things if you feel so inclined.  The first thing is to certainly let the company know exactly how you feel.  As one person wrote, “….do not let them off the hook.”  I could not agree more.  You can find the information about this situation out there and I’m not going to rehash it all here…..there is enough out there to find what you need.  If you are pissed……it does little if you do not aim at the target you want to hit.  Don’t just put it out there……let those who need to hear it…..HEAR IT.   Contact their corporate office, their HQ, their CEO…..never deal with someone who has to go to someone higher.

The other thing I would ask is that if this is a teachable moment to educate others what they may not already know about diabetes, utilize it.   If you are only posting things within your own world……for the most part……we know already.  Post it in places and with media sources where others can read it, others WO DO NOT know.  Post, write letters, and contact media sources in your neighborhood….aim for the right target.   If someone did a good job of explaining it all already, ask them if you can share what they wrote.

I love the Diabetes Community—–the passion is incredible.  Let’s not fall into the company’s PR trap by just spreading their name.   Rather, tell your story and share your story with others WHO DO NOT know about diabetes, and WHO DO NOT know what the big fuss is about, and WHO DO NOT know why someone is so hurt by what was stated.  Rather, share your voice loudly with people who will hear them and do something about it; and not merely someone who is thriving on being a voice to just stir the pot………………that is what they are paid to do; stir the pot.  Just stirring the pot more is giving that company EXACTLY what they want.  DO not stir a pot just to stir it more.  Go above and beyond and get the pot shut down.

Angry?  Be as angry as you want and use your voice, and use it loudly.  Just make sure you are not shouting into someplace where it won’t be heard by others who NEED TO HEAR what the truth is, and is not being heard only by those who already know.

It’s not about noise… should be about education, VERY LOUD diabetes education…….and that’s the REAL THING!!!!!

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