America…….with Everything, and Above ALL Else…….She is Ours, and We Belong to Her.

Flag foreworks eagleLife changed for me in 2001, it was September 11th. I was there, for two days, I inhaled everything. We are America.

We have problems today, just pick up a newspaper. Tensions racially, gender, sexual orientation. Rich. Poor. Wow. We are America.

We have crime, and mixed opinions on guns and marriage. We have mixed opinions on everything, actually, even sports teams. We are America.

We are a quilt. Our threads are different. Our colors are bright. We shine for each other, we shine against each other.  We are America.

But know this.

No one will stoop further to help another when in need. No one will span the line of danger to save someone else. No one will defend the right to scream as loud as needed. No one will lay their life down on the belief of freedom. No one will turn the car around to help. No one will reach out a hand. No one will hug another so hard when in need. No one will spend time with an elder, a youngster, an animal. No one more than us. Because when it comes down to it.

We are America.  It’s always been that way across the globe and will continue that way in Small Town, USA

With everything that makes up who we are, we are America.

And in the scheme of things, with everything, there is no other place I would like to be.

Because YOU are here; my brother and my sister, and together…….we are America.

Happy 4th of July.

I am a diabetes dad.
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