In Our Diabetes World….If WAG Means a Dog’s Tail to You……..You Need to Learn More!!!!

wagOne of the most amazing things I have learned over the years is that each and every family approaches diabetes in their own unique manner.  The more I learn, the more I ask myself, is there one way that works in the day-to-day management of this disease that all families could apply to their lives………that works?

Being at the CWD FFL conference this week, along with thousands of others, I have learned that there is no ‘fix-all’ approach.  Because of the unique-ness of each family, there is also a unique dynamic that can ONLY work in your family.  What we do, would possible not work with you and your family.

But being here this week, I do know one thing; and I have said this before……the absolute ‘equalizer’ in the battle against diabetes is knowledge.  You cannot guess at this for a lifetime.  There are hard and true things in this battle that work.  There are ‘absolutes’ and there are ‘WAGS” (wild ass guesses) that we have all used at one time or another.

I cannot give you a menu of those absolutes.  Not  because I do not want to but I have learned that those ‘absolutes’ have to be acquired and learned by each family.  Depending on where you are in this journey……….newly diagnosed or long timer…… must ask the appropriate questions and seek those answers at that moment in time.

HEAR ME…… the answers because they are out there.  As tough as today is, know that someone else has been right where you are at one point or another.  If you do not seek answers you most assuredly will never find them.   Sounds almost silly, doesn’t it?   But you would be surprised how many people wait for things to just happen as a reaction…..that has disaster written all over it.  Know ahead of time and be ready.  When things do happen, at least know where you can turn for help.

Some people plan better for a vacation than they do for their child’s diabetes and I find that alarming.  Nothing will just ‘come to you’, you must seek answers….and trust me in today’s world……..the answers can be found.   Your child deserves nothing less….right?

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So I read this and though to my self, I don’t know what WAG means. How is that even possible. Well, after reading it I realized that I’ve always heard this is SWAG-Super Wild Ass Guesses!

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