If You Liked Frozen’s ‘DO You Want to Build a Snowman”……..You Will LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!


Olaf 1Do You Want to be My FFL? (pronounced Fif El).  It represents the acronym Friends for Life.  The video attached is something that anyone with diabetes can relate.  It was written by Sarah Loebner, a very special young lady.

The introduction read at Friends for Life Conference was as follows:
She—-was diagnosed with T1 diabetes at age 9 1/2 in 2002. Presently pursuing a career as a Physician’s Assistant and she is the pure genius behind what you are about to hear.
He—was diagnosed with T1 diabetes at age 11.  He was a finalist on American Idol’s 5th season but most kids in the room will recognize him from his reoccurring role on Disney’s Good Luck Charlie.
With special apologies to Disney, I present Sarah Loebner and Kevin Covais singing a special song with special words.  Listen closely to the words.

I share it with you (click the picture above) because the diabetes community needs to hear this, your kids need to hear this, I needed to hear this.  A FFL does not always have to happen at a conference, this conference; but in our so incredibly complex lives, we all need a FFL.

Nice job CWD allowing this song to be presented at the highlight of your conference.  Nice job Kevin and super nice job Sarah Loebner at creating something so special.
So share this with someone you know and love because when it comes to diabetes, some people are worth melting for.

Take THAT diabetes.

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