NEED YOUR HELPTo say the last two weeks have been an incredible journey would be an understatement.  I have just learned so much from you all regarding the topic of undiagnosed T1 and being in DKA.  The pictures you sent of your children in the hospital upon Dx with DKA crushed, ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED, me.  Know that they are hugely powerful and I could not even include half the pictures because there were so many….but I have them all in case needed. They WILL make a difference.

The stories you sent were so incredibly vivid and sad.  Your stories also give me the strength to continue and to spread the word.  Someone is in California today, Pennsylvania has a few people, North Carolina should be coming out of committee soon for a vote in their State Senate, I have another meeting with my State Representative contact as soon as I return from the AADE conference.  Other states are doing other things as well.  People are spreading the word.

I learn from each of you in so many areas.

My Child’s Cry for Change report will be a comprehensive and hugely powerful one and I need you help but again.  This is a simple survey of a few questions surrounding DKA and diagnosis.  I am learning that officials are VERY INTERESTED in the financial impact of these such things.  Cost of hospital stays, loss work days, Medicaid, Military, these are hugely powerful in presentations.

Please click this DKA SURVEY and answer the few questions if your child was diagnosed with T1 while in DKA within the last 10 years in the United States.   I need a lot of answers on this to be published and shared.  Even if you emailed me information recently, please take this survey  (and THANK YOU because it was those emails that led to this survey being created).

I also want you to know in advance that the last question of the survey is asking for your email.  The reason for that is simple; if these results show what I think they will show, opposition is going to challenge the validity of the survey.  You can submit the survey without the email but it will help add validity to it…..OF COURSE KNOW THAT NO ONE GETS ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION UNTIL WE SPEAK FIRST, IF THE SURVEY EVEN NEEDS VALIDATION.  Again, the survey CAN BE SUBMITTED WITHOUT an email if you so desire.

Please take the time to answer this short survey and PLEASE SHARE, NOT JUST ON YOU FB PAGES, BUT IT IN ALL OF YOUR CONTACT GROUPS THAT ARE VERY ‘STATE CENTERED’ (THIS is VERY important)Support groups, organization chapters, hospitals, this information will be extremely crucial to our efforts TO GATHER THIS VERY IMPORTANT DATA.   So please share it today.

This information will allow us the tools to make the points we need and it is VERY important that we have date from EVERY STATE.

Thanks again for your help.  We can only defeat this unnecessary situation that has caused so much grief if we continue together.  Over the years I have promised many that we would try to turn this paradigm and recently I made THAT SAME promise to Reegan’s Family and Kycie’s Family.  Let’s GET THIS DONE.  Thank you!

SO again, please click this DKA SURVEY if it applies to you and share everywhere so we can capture as much data as possible.

I am a diabetes dad.
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I’m happy to share your survey. I know it’s for parents of children with type 1, I was diagnosed with type 1 in DKA 4 years ago as an adult. Please let me know if my data can be of help to your effort as well!

My daughter was not in DKA at the time of dx. So according to your instructions, you don’t want us to do the survey. But wouldn’t you want to know how many were vs how many weren’t? And how those who were dx’d early were dx’d? Wouldn’t that information tell a more complete picture? And I looked at the questions and it seems like information for all who were dx’d…so do you want all or just those in DKA? I am confused.

For the statistics we need, the short answer is no. I cannot explain more at this time but when I am done collecting the data……I will. Just those in DKA at Dx. Thank you.

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