What State DO You Live???……We Need Your Help!!!!!

United-States-mapWe are looking for crucial data on DKA.  PLEASE share this link in any group where there are moms (and dads) of kids with T1 Diabetes.  Local Chapters, Support groups, hospital groups, as well as FB pages and other diabetes gatherings.  It is crucial that we get a good amount of participants from every state.

Please click this DKA SURVEY and answer the few questions if your child was diagnosed with T1 while in DKA.
Also they need to have been diagnosed within the last 10 years and you need to live in the United States.  If your child’s dx was originally missed because of flu/virus-like symptoms are specifically needed

I also want you to know in advance that the last question of the survey is asking for your email.  The reason for that is simple; if these results show what I think they will show, opposition is going to challenge the validity of the survey.  You can submit the survey without the email but it will help add validity to it…..OF COURSE KNOW THAT NO ONE GETS ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION UNTIL WE SPEAK FIRST, IF THE SURVEY EVEN NEEDS VALIDATION.  Again, the survey CAN BE SUBMITTED WITHOUT an email if you so desire.

If anyone has any questions——feel free to ask me;

Thank you.
I am a diabetes dad.
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