Are You Helping YOUR Doc???….TV’s Sandra Oh and Jim Turner Help us Take a Look.

jim turner sandra ohWhen is the last time you took your child with diabetes to your doctor?  If, like most of us, it is usually 4 times a year;  are you helping your doctor, in any way, care for your child?  You should.

When discussing a visit to the Doctor’s office, and this may seem elementary, but you would be surprised how much waits for the day of/before the visit.  I’m not quite sure what we expect of our Doctor’s but there are a few thing to always remember.

First, remember, you are not the only patients.  Some practices have hundreds/thousands of patients and here you are, with 5 minutes with your Doctor and/or a diabetes educator.  DO NOT WASTE this time for you or your medical team.  Between visits, you should be writing questions you may have based on experiences over the last three months.

Keep a log.  When you see something or hear about something….jot it down.  A new technology, meter, device, procedure-in-care, and even rumors….write them down.  Shortly before your appointment, prioritize your questions.  You may not get to them all so pick the 3 biggest things you would like information about that pertains to your doctor’s advice.

The first thing is the care of your child.  Have your child’s blood test done 2-3 weeks before your appointment so your doctor is dealing with a present A1C and not one taken the week after last visit; 3 months prior.  Work this out with the office how to best achieve this outcome.

As I have stated before, one of the most creative geniuses in diabetes matters mixed with entertainment is Jim Turner.  Jim’s creative genius is evident here with his friend TV Superstar Sandra Oh in this video about seeing a doctor.  Click the dLife.

The video states clearly things you should do before you see your doctor.  It’s your 5 minutes, make the best of it.

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