ReeganWe are looking for Reegan’s Rule to come out of the North Carolina Senate Committee and be bought to a vote in the North Carolina Senate.  The bill (which is House Bill-20 and is now Senate Bill 27–REEGAN’s RULE) will encourage diabetes education by medical professionals to parents through the first five years of a child’s life.

We have worked with Representative Graham in the house and the bill passed in the House 111-6; and now Senator Smith has picked up the support and working with Reegan’s mom we have created a letter and we now need D-parents and friends who live in North Carolina to help the North Carolina Senate show the same leadership on Reegan’s rules by letting the Senators know Reegan mattered to all of us. This is a picture of the North Carolina Senate, empty. Let’s fill it with supporters of (click here) REEGAN’S RULE.

My friend and fellow D-Dad Bennet Dunlap at the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition has created an EASY WAY for people from North Carolina to send their State Senator an email asking to support Reegan’s Rule. Submit your address and zip into Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition’s software on a form. It looks up your North Carolina Senator and prepares an email. Easy.

You can send it as is or even better personalize the email with you diabetes story. We recommend adding a few sentences about your connection to type 1 diabetes right at the beginning.

Here are the 5 easy steps:

  • Go to the page from here.  Enter you name, address, Zip and email.
    (We would appreciate you clicking remember me and opt in at the bottom of the form so we can keep you in the loop on this and other diabetes issues–but it isn’t required)
  • Click SUBMIT to create a draft email.
  • Personalize your email.
  • When you are happy with it click SUBMIT to send.
  • Share the opportunity to act with your Social Media contacts so other can follow you example and act to support Reegan’s Rule

Right Now – Our focus is on the North Carolina Senate. This advocacy form is for people living in North Carolina to contact their State Senators. Our hope is to be successful in North Carolina and build from that experience to wider efforts – Stay Tuned. For now – the form will not work for people living in other states, people in other state will get an error message – sorry. (But the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition has other actions you can take, click actions in the menu at the top of the page.)

Any questions, just ask but please pass this to anyone living in North Carolina.

TOGETHER, we can do this.  Act Today!!!!!!!

I am a diabetes dad.
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