You COULD Miss Out if it’s Done only the Way YOU THINK is Right.

my wayI’m always amazed at the stories I hear out there.  the lack of knowledge is truly astounding.  From us, as parents, to the medical profession……the comments I read so often boggles my mind.  Actually, it used to infuriate me but it happens so often now, I am down to ‘eye-rolling’.

There is also a very dangerous thought process out there that is in-line with “you can’t tell me what to do with my child.”  I agree, no one can.  That said, there are some very basic thought processes about the science of diabetes that we parents need to face head on.  Because you don’t think it applies to you, does not mean it does not.  Be careful.

I get it.  I really do.

Because ‘we say it’, does NOT make it necessarily true.  And the more you do something incorrectly, the more you are ‘off’ from the original. Constantly ask yourself if the things you do are ‘sound’.  Not in a discussions, but you, yourself; when all alone—–this IS NOT about BEING right, it’s about DOING what’s right.  When I first heard of the artificial/bionic pancreas; my initial thought was just, ‘no way’.   What was everyone getting so excited about?  But the truth is, no matter what I felt back when, if I did not do more homework to understand what was happening, I would not have come to appreciate all that is happening in that world as I do now.  If I can change, anyone can change.

The original insulin pumps were the size of a spaceman’s back-pack; look where we are today.  My point is that no matter what I THOUGHT, it was merely that, my thoughts.  It was not until a good friend ‘forced me to REALLY look’ at what was happening in this field to fully appreciate it, and to realize my thoughts…….were wrong thoughts.

Don’t be afraid of something you do not know and surely DO NOT RUN from it.

I’m constantly going over my internal checklist on management tools, insulins, how-we-do-things, medical practices; I then go over what is new out there.  What is new?  Am I using it?  Will it make a difference?  If words like Night Scout, the Cloud, Bionic Pancreas, BioHub, CGM, I-let Pump, Fast Insulin, and Nasal Glucagon—-are all words that are foreign to you… not be afraid of them…..look into them.  Some show real promise in many areas of our lives.  Some may mean nothing to you……but find out.

We cannot be afraid to learn……ever.  We cannot be afraid to ‘re-look’ at everything every chance we get.  It’s truly an exciting time when it comes to ‘diabetes technology’ and just because we do not ‘do something’ does not mean that we are doing it correctly; you could be missing out.

What you don’t know can’t hurt you…………is a saying that we need to throw out the window but we also need to be ready to realize that truth is truth….whether we want to face it or not.  And THAT is not always easy…… it?

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