Hurricane Coming????……Oh and the Weather Will Be Bad Also.

HurricaneI have been in Florida for part of this week doing many business endeavors and the talk around the town is Hurricane Erika who could be heading directly this way…….or not…..or…well….maybe.  Truth is, keeping an eye on it is probably the best way to describe the feeling of people around town.

A friend of mine is a manager of a retail store and he was sharing that, corporate-wise, they have all sorts of procedures in place with the most important issues being safety and family welfare at the top of the list.  That is a nice thought, isn’t it?  But he also stated how fiercely they were in their due diligence to be ever-ready for so many aspects if/when/should a hurricane hits.

Are you ready for when a hurricane hits?  Here is the thing, when I presented our 504 plan to the school (back in the day); I reminded them that a 504 plan was not only for the obvious, but for the unpredictable, like a ‘hurricane’—-in the metaphorical sense.

You see, the hurricane brings the notion of unpredictable to the forefront of our mind….does it not?   The ‘don’t know what to expect’ but cover all of our bases thought process.  In our world of diabetes, that same urgency of, at least, the fact that we are dealing with so many unpredictable factors are the very same factors we need to be prepared to address.

Hurricane.  Long drives that turn into nightmares because a car breaks down and all of the supplies are…..where?

Hurricane.  Going to the beach and the heat plays havoc on the insulin you have with you and the back-up is at home.

Hurricane.  You go away and left you child with someone not thinking that all sorts of things can go wrong—-what are your back-up provisions; including they cannot deal with your child anymore ‘because it is just too much” and they just did not know how hard it would be…….hmmmmmmmmmm.

Hurricane.  An actual national disaster…do you have supplies to get you through this actual storm/hurricane/bushfire/snowstorm??????

There are many places out there that can tell you what you should do when it comes to diabetes supplies and today’s warning is, simply, this…….be ready, always for the unexpected.  It will never matter about the 3426 times you did something and you did not need it….it will just be the one time you were not ready and needed to be that can make a difference.

Be prepared.  Take the guess-work out.  Be ready.  Define it.  Know it.  Do it.

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