Dreams……..Hmmmmmm……Have Any to Share?????

Dream BubbleIn case you did not know, one of my past-life involvement was with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades.  My title: Pilot.  My Job: To make sure those large balloons get from point A to point B with a crew of about 50-70 people (depending on the year and the size of the balloon of which I was in charge.

This volunteer position started as a life-long dream and it turned out to be a multi-year commitment.  I always wanted to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and to have ended up in such a pivotal role just made the dream that much more enjoyable.  My friend, Nancy, who was a Macy’s Employee, was instrumental in mentoring through this process and we ended up doing much good for many people with Macy’s donations of everything from stuffed animals to money.

It was a GREAT TIME and I loved EVERY minute of it but it was time to let the younger kids control the balloons and I stopped.  Once you are a part of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade it is part of your life forever.  It never leaves you and you watch every parade with a different eye once you have been an integral part of the planning; even after you are gone.   Macy’s really knows how to treat their volunteers and I miss the entire group greatly.  Much work goes into the parade with but one goal, for the crowd both on television and across the parade route; to see a GREAT parade.  Many parades in the world but none like Macy’s with those HUGE Balloons.

I dreamt about the parade last night.   It was so real, sorta weird too….but that’s dreams.  In my dream, Macy’s wanted me involved but the only thing I felt qualified for was to hold the banner stating that the parade was over.  There is no such banner but there was in my dream.  But that was at the end of the dream, during the dream I saw all of my friends again and felt that excitement in planning the big day.  When I awoke, I could sense all I did from my days when I was involved.  I’m not sad that I am not involved anymore (well maybe a little), I was just grateful I had such a wonderful opportunity for the many years I did.

It has been a while since I had a dream so vivid.  The last dream I had which so vivid was when I was on stage and someone walked to the front of the theatre and told me I need to get off the stage and get back to finding a cure for diabetes and helping those who need it.

I liked my Macy’s dream better.

I guess I could have all  sorts of psychological analysis done to figure what the dreams mean or I can just take them at face value.  I think I’ll just take them at face value.  I wonder if people who have diabetes dream what it is like NOT to have diabetes.  I don’t think I have had an actual dream about times when my kids did not have diabetes…..and quite honestly that is a bit surprising to me; one would think we all had dreams like that….right?

Have you had dreams regarding diabetes?  What were they?  Any ‘good ones’ you have would be more appreciated than the bad ones.  Not sure what a ‘good dream’ about diabetes even means………..but living the nightmare, who wants to hear about them when we sleep as well.  Diabetes and dreams……..feel free to share!

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