Mental Health Disease—-Is No Less a Disease than Diabetes…Remember That!!!!!!

mental healthI find it interesting that we become absolutely livid over the fact that a missed-diagnosis can happen with diabetes and yet, when something happens in our child’s life regarding their health we immediately ‘chalk it up’ to it being caused by diabetes and figure it ‘just comes with the territory’.  My point: we do not automatically become medical professionals when our children become diagnosed.

I get the fact that no one knows our children like we do, but be careful when your children show signs of diabetes that may/may not become evident after having diabetes for years.  No feeling in your leg after being diagnosed a week ago is diabetic neuropathy, unless you had T2D for years and it went undiagnosed.  And expand that thought out as far as needed.

If a problem persists, get it checked out.  And I mean that 1000% when it comes to depression as well.  As my dear friend Dr. Polonsky states, “I would be worried if someone was diagnosed and DID NOT show any signs of depression.”  I’m referring to all aspects of the physical health of your child and not to just think it’s diabetes and not keep an eye out for other problems BUT I AM REALLY emphasizing the mental health aspect of your child.  Keep a close eye on this aspect………ALWAYS.  Should it occur, your endocrinologist is NOT NEW at this and may very well know someone who is not only a specialist in mental health but also specializes in diabetes patients.  Ask.

There will be bouts where we have to stand by and let it pass but you may also be needed to take steps.  Listen closely—-mental health disease is no less a disease than diabetes.

Got it?

You would not expect diabetes to ‘just go away’ and neither should you think the same of any bout with mental health disease…….and while we are at it, keep an eye on yourself and your family as well.  A major occurrence has shaken the fiber of your family; I’m not a mental health specialist but I do know that this type of event could shake a person to the core……so be aware.

I get it.  It’s taboo.  No one talks about it.  It’s no one’s business.  Fair enough……no one is asking.  But PLEASE do not stick your head in the sand.  Keep aware and know this: just about anything that occurs……is treatable.  But you must hit it head on.  If your child’s daily life is slipping, changing form, showing lack of interest, closing-off family and friends, acting in any manner that  is different from normal….keep an eye on it.  It MAY NOT just be adolescence and may not be just a passing phase.

There are many more people out there who have a ton of experience in this, more than I, but I have been around long enough to know how it is there and I have come to know two things: 1. It exists and 2. It can be treated in most, or 99%, of the cases,

So should something occur in your child’s life; it may be caused by diabetes, it may not be—-don’t be so quick to just ‘push it aside’ and think it will pass.  Keep an eye on ANYthing out of the ordinary.   When not being diagnosed with diabetes can lead to DKA…..what makes you think that anything else left untreated would ever “just go away”?????   Food for thought.

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You are so right. I asked for help for my little girl when she was about 6 and she has been seeing a psychologist regularly ever since who specialises in pump therapy. My daughter suffers with anxiety disorder with compulsive obsessive tendency. This may or may not be due to her diabetes, but anyone with a chronic health condition is at a higher risk of mental health disease.

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