OMG!!!! What Did I Do To My Child??? What a Horrible Parent!!!!

puppyIf you work with your hands long enough, you become calloused.  If you have 3 kids, chances are when the first one dropped their binky, pacify, woot-woot from their mouth and it hit the floor; you cleaned it, sterilized it, got it cool again and gave it back to your child—when the third child dropped it, you wiped it on your pants and stuck it back in.


There is much to be said for it.  The calloused hands are because I beat myself up so many times, I graduated to just making a mental note not to ‘do it’ again, whatever it is I did wrong.  The simple truth is, when it comes to our diabetes world, we will make mistakes.  And some doozies as well.

When I have lectured, I have stated that no one has made more mistakes at this diabetes thing than I.  It’s not rhetoric, I firmly believe that; so today I speak to you as the king of what the heck did I just do, moments.

Wrong doses, forgetting doses, not figuring…(whatever) would have an impact, not waking up, not going to sleep and on and on and on and on……you will make a mistake, probably many.  There is room for error in this diabetes world and do not be so quick to beat yourself up over it.  Take that energy and learn from it.  Go over the episode in your head step-by-step and make sure you know WHAT YOU WOULD DO differently.

Unfortunately for the time being, I can assure you that when you wake up, diabetes will be there again giving you another try to get it right…….or as it was in my case many times….screw it up again.

So relax.  And take it a little easy on…….well…….you!

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I love this! 🙂 When my son was diagnosed, the wonderful Endo in the hospital told us “Whether you think you will or not, you are going to make mistakes. Everyone does. The important thing to remember is that they will happen and there are ways to fix them.” That was the best advice ever! My sons first night of pumping, I gave him his dinner bolus before dinner. Prior to that, we had always bolused after meals. He didn’t realize I had given it before dinner, so he gave it after dinner. A few minutes later, I picked up his PDM to play with it and I realized what we had done. We then drove up to Sonic and got a milkshake. Problem fixed and kid was happy. Of course, we’ve made plenty of other mistakes, but that was one of the bigger ones.

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