An Incredible Gift of Giving……..Makes One Reflect on Where WE Stand!!!!

Helping AnimalsSomething very interesting happened recently.  I was in Chicago through Sunday past, at an incredible event.  During the event they did something pretty cool.  They had a special drawing.  The prizes were pretty significant with TVs and signed sports memorabilia.  They asked all of the Veterans to stand up and come forward.  Everyone was applauding as about 40 people came forward and each was given a special ticket for the drawing at no charge.  It was pretty cool as everyone applauded with appreciation.

As the Veterans walked forward I noticed something that was very eye-opening.  Usually when we refer to Veterans we, or at least I, think of older people and those who served in war-days that have gone by.  On this day, I could not notice that at least 6 of ‘these veterans’ were at least 25-30 years younger than I.  Wow.

The tides are changing and with so many parts of our country in various stages of war and serving in conflicted areas, the face of Veterans is taking on a new and also a younger look.  It was an ‘eye-opener’ for me.

Things change.

And at the same time, I have a very good friend of mine who is an Oral Surgeon and enlisted at around the age of 50.  Not just enlisted, but enlisted for active duty, and has already served overseas in heavy-duty war zones.  Dr. Stephen has an incredible practice, and a wonderful family; and yet, he put it all on hold and served our country over seas.  We could not have been happier when he returned nor prouder knowing of his service in the United States Army.

If young and old alike are taking a look around and seeing the need to serve our country, I’m left asking myself—what am I doing?  Not necessarily to enlist in our armed services, but there is a lot to do.  What am I doing to help in whatever cause I find important.  Imagine having a successful medical practice and saying, “Okay, someone will carry-on for me until I get back, I’m serving overseas.”   Those individuals inspire me to no end and I’m humbled by their efforts.

There is not a shortage of needs out there…..there really isn’t.  Nothing gets done by itself.  Nothing is too large nor is anything too small that it will not make a difference. When so many are not afraid or shy on putting their lives on the line at any age for something THEY believe in, it begs us to ask ourselves, what more can I do in something that is important to us?

Does it not?

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