Mistakes? LOL…..Here is My Doozy; Enjoy!!!!!!

Can.I was speaking to someone recently who was sharing how they had given their child too much insulin by accident, they were devastated.  I assured them that we all have been there….and we have, right?

Mistakes.  Mistakes?   Here’s a doozy.

I have shared this every time I have lectured, but I don’t think I have ever shared it here…….so here it goes.  Kaitlyn is in the third grade.  I’m DiabetesDad, I can prepare her ‘stuff for the day”.   The conversation went something like this:
Me: I’ll take care of getting Kaitlyn ready….
J: Don’t forget…
Me: Don’t worry, I got it.
J: Yes, but….
Me: Got it….don’t worry
J: B…..
Me: Seriously?  I got it.

What a great dad and husband to take the burden off her for the day;  I mean how good am I right?

So Kaitlyn was off to school with her lunch and her snack in her bag.  How proud I was to take the burden for a day.

(You know this is about to go south, right?)

So later in the morning it was snack time, and Kaitlyn reached in her bag and took out her can of diet soda and put it on her desk and reached for her snack out of her bag; and when she lifted her head…….the entire class was looking at………………the can of Coors Light Beer sitting on her desk.

My phone rang and it was the principal of the Grammar School who relayed the story.  “Oh you do not want to speak to me, you want to speak to my wife.”  Everyone in that Elementary school wanted T1D so they could have the chance to drink beer.  I have also stated a million times……..that NO ONE has made more mistakes than I when it has come to diabetes.

I hope you had a chuckle for the day at this story.  We all make mistakes, it’s how you rebound that matters.

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