Cabinets, and Refrigerators, and Closets…..Oh MY!

dorothy scarecrow tinamn lionAnyone who has a child understands this phrase said to the rhythm of Dorothy’s; Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh My . In actuality there are many more places than that which holds all of the supplies needed to manage our children living with diabetes.  I honestly don’t EVEN KNOW how we have everything stored correctly.

With two kids living with this disease, they surely needed a lot of real estate within our home.  Storage, back-ups, back-ups of back-ups…..wellllllllllll it all has to be stored somewhere….right?

We tried earnestly to have everything in one location but we had to also deal with the inconvenience of needing a place to put their clothes as well.  Thank goodness for the inventions of plastic bins.  BANG!  Utilized and stored.  Stacked nicely.  Little boxes of strips.  Perfect.

Well that was fine back when but along came insulin pumps.  Those little boxes of strips grew exponentially to an entire list of new supplies and they were not exactly in small neat tiny boxes.

A few years later; CGMs.  More boxes and more room needed.  Every house has an area that looks like a pharmacy diabetes section in a closet, a cabinet, and in the refrigerator with insulin, batteries etc etc.

Sounds like I’m complaining doesn’t it…….but truthfully, as the equipment needed helps to better manage my children’s diabetes….and it helps them handle this journey better; I would have built a new wing on my house if needed.  Because every time I open that closet, that cabinet, or that refrigerator I notice EVERY SINGLE time all of the supplies that make my children’s life THAT much better dealing with what they have to deal with every day.

And that’s a good thing but to be clear, I look forward to that cure which sits over the rainbow where blue birds fly…..and I wonder often; why oh why can’t I……..and I will……..some day.
I am a diabetes dad.

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