While You Slept…..DKA and Undiagnosed T1D Did Not Go Away!!!!!

NASN Ad DKA jpgI’m constantly reminded how good and cool people are in what they do everyday.  Some with lots of fanfare, some quiet and methodically–but make no mistake, people are doing lots of good things.

Since this campaign of trying to bring awareness about undiagnosed T1D and DKA began, I have seen many people do incredible things.  When many had decided, enough was enough; many became involved. and the word started getting out there and people started jumping on the band wagon to help…..all so wonderful.

The picture above was featured as a half-page ad in the official publication of the National Association of School Nurses.  Their CEO (Donna) , Diabetes Educator (Sarah), and membership understand and realize the problem at hand and they are being very pro-active in helping school nurses know how important this issue has become.  Kudos to all of them for caring so much.

I know there are many people out there who have also shared what they are doing, I recently saw a really cute warning signs poster with animated child on it, all very cool (if anyone knows who can supply those—-PLEASE Share).
Please, always feel free to add what you are doing onto these posts.  The posters at GetDiabetesRight.Org are still available and there are numerous sites working to spread the word.

You can take a look at these great tools and talk to a marketing class in your local high school or University and ask them to undertake the project of public awareness; you can send flyers to every public place in your local community, you can contact your radio station to run a public service announcement about warning signs–the ideas are limitless.

AND AGAIN—-I encourage anyone out there doing something, to PLEASE add to this post what you are doing–share your website, FB page, and do not assume I know it.  The project YOU ARE WORKING on may inspire others.

Many are working on legislative issues with their elected officials.  GREAT STUFF.    Also know that things can be DONE NOW as far as awareness while legislation is being hammered out.  It would be really cool if this November, Diabetes Awareness Month had a direct objective to help save lives by spreading the word of warning signs of T1D.

I have witnessed first hand the incredible creativeness of so many out there who care, and it needs to continue.  If each person did just one thing in their community—-imagine what the collective impact will be.   We already know that T1D has been caught during flu-like symptoms in a good handful of cases/areas.  JUST THINK how incredible that has been.  Someone who could have gone into DKA–was stopped because of recent awareness programs in communities.

Lesson learned could be a life saved.

Think of something simple you can do………simple as it may seem, it just might save a life.  Thanks for caring so much.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Much effort on part of a few has ball Rollin!Congrats and keep up the good fight. School nurses are hero’s in the eyes of parents of t1d kiddos…Thanks Cindy. I plan to keep doing my part as well.

I will be speaking to 65 school nurses in Wyomissing (Reading) in PA on 10/12/15 about the early detection of Type 1 Diabetes and prevention of DKA.

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