We Need a Diabetes Supermarket…..Don’t You Agree????

supermarketSo I’m thinking…….why is there not a Diabetes Supermarket?  You know, a virtual store that is one-stop shopping.  As you enter the website–you enter a gorgeous and clean-looking supermarket with aisles and aisles of items to help you in this diabetes journey.

One aisle is full of insulin pumps where you could make your choice by walking down the aisle and clicking the links; and also the various available glucometers and CGMs.  Even private label items are all included along with items needed to treat lows and highs.

Aisle two is all the different clothing available for anyone wearing pumps; as well as holders/cases for pumps and clothing with pockets for meters etc.  At the end of the aisle are various pocket-book-type to hold all of the supplies.  Men’s. ladies, and children all in one aisle.

Aisles 4-5-6 all various foods and drinks available to people with diabetes and as soon as you move your mouse over the items…it gives you nutrient values and price; making it real simple.

Aisle 7 is the research aisle.  All of the various types of research where one can link on and learn about the various forms of research happening around the world.

Aisle 8 is the upcoming management tools aisle with artificial pancreas, bionic pancreas, new meters, meters-in-the-cloud; all information available to inspire others what is coming down the pipeline etc. etc.

Aisle 9 is all of the ‘kids stuff’.  Games, learning tools, stuffed animals education tools, and anything else dealing with kids.

Aisles 10 and 11 all books, dvds, podcasts, and magazines available for any subject matter dealing with diabetes.

The virtual store is set up so anything one wants can be found all ‘under one roof’….what do you think?

Let’s go shopping together.

I am a diabetes dad.

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