Mass Murders…….A Lesson to be Learned…..Even for Our Diabetes Community.

Can you hear meWith the tragic events occurring yesterday in Oregon, I was left scratching my head as my heart ached.  Later in the day my thought process made me ask a question, which quite honestly, I cannot find the answer.  How many times have we had to pick up the broken bodies of people shot in mass shootings?  How many schools must go through this?  How many times must WE go through this?

What I do not intend to do here today, is find blame or even an answer; but to ask you in the diabetes community to weigh something in your mind.  We are constantly looking for the answer to so many things in our diabetes world.  How can we get people to understand what we go through?  How can we get the world to know the differences between T1 and T2 diabetes?  How can we get the world to know the warning signs of T1 so another missed diagnosis does not happen again?  Real issues to us all, right?

And in a country that is ‘as advanced’ as ours, we cannot even put a dent in the absolute tragedies that keep happening with these mass murders.  Again, let’s not point a finger and give blame, that is a conversation/discussion for elsewhere; my point is that if we cannot even come to a starting point with something that so grabs the national consciousness of these senseless murders, what makes us think the world will stop and take notice of ‘diabetes stuff’……..even a little bit?

Issues take place which makes everyone flurry around to ‘do something’.  You will notice it again as the ‘gun’ issue will be discussed and torn apart in conversations across this country over the next few days; but it will die down yet again………it always does.

Until the next time.

And the next time.

And the next time.

And THAT is my point.  If we want to foster change, real change in anything, it’s a methodical and constant surge toward the specific goal we set, no matter what.  We cannot rely on the public consciousness to get the world to understand our diabetes world……..we do not ever even dwell on changing the climate when it comes to mass murders.  It happens.  We cry. We move on.

There is a cruel lesson in all of this, and it is up to us should we decide to learn it.  Whatever change we want to see……it has to be a constant and unified effort until completed, by us.  Because everyone else is in their own world. In their own work. They are doing their own thing.  They are in their own lives.  Why should they care about something that does not concern them?

And BAM.

It hits their lives…………………..and now it’s important.

Like I said, I don’t have an answer but I do know this, we surely have our work cut out for us and unless we all do a little—-we are leaving some to do a lot……..and that’s too much to ask of anyone.  Just don’t do nothing.  At the end of the day, in our diabetes world, it will be what the diabetes world does that will foster change.  We cannot leave it for anyone else.  Food for thought.

I am a diabetes dad.

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Utilize common event/experience..I plan doing the teal pumpkin treat alternative this Halloween. My child felt left out of candy oriented events but with this project everyone gets a treat. Small start I agree but commonality is key.

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